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Guests wearing face masks at Disneyland Resorts

Credit: Disney


  1. Deb

    This is not the first time I have heard off them being used this way ! Thankfully they have been discovered before any bad things happened,I really hope they stop making and selling these as it’s only gna get worse now bad people have been made aware of the potential use ,sad world in which we live

    1. Suzanne Leitenberger

      So she actually found the AirTag on her? In her possession?

      1. asdf

        She didn’t find an AirTag. She didn’t report it, she didn’t call the police. She just went online to share her “truth”. People are too gullible with everything people post online. If it did actually happen, they can track it back to it’s owner. She’s just another “actress” looking for her 15 minutes.

        1. Sheila

          True. Why would the air tag notify her? How did her email, phone number, etc. get loaded into the airtag app? Not happening. Notification would have gone to the owner of the airtag. I use them on my luggage.

          1. Donna

            If you have an iphone it WILL notify you that there’s a air tag nearby. It’s a safety feature by Apple.

    2. Mark Sheldon

      This is sooo fake ..even if so.one tracked her then what ..i see a fake victime for attention no lil girl no one wants you its in your head

    3. Bob cheapdik

      Yes. And why do these 3 fat masked girls keep showing up as the thumbnail for disney park news stories?

      1. Dennis Swiatek

        Skinny, cute girls go to the Bahamas instead.

  2. Amy

    Is that a thing that can scanned for by security, during the rest of the security screening?

    1. Dawn

      The “rest” of security screening? You only get screened one time at the parking structure, before getting on the trams. If you go to any of the hotels or off property you go back through, but there is no screening when going from one park to the other or into DTD.

      1. B

        Maybe not in Disneyland, but in Disney World, yes.

      2. Sara

        AGREED! These Disney stories are just getting ridiculous. Let’s face a few facts…Disney is a well oiled machine, it is very well run and tries to keep it’s guest safe and happy. If you don’t like the way Disney is run stay home. Enough of these crazy stories trying to make Disney the bad guy.

  3. David McDaniel

    Maybe they shouldnt patronize satans playground.

    1. Val

      Ok, B00MER!
      Don’t leave your rocking chair old man, it depends on you.

      1. Jack

        Spotted the groomer.

        1. F

          No doubt! 🤣

        2. James

          Spotted the QAnon nutjob

    2. Simplejack

      Disney is satans playground, but the guy who bragged about grabbing P and paid off the prostitute he cheated on his pregnant wife with is your hero. Your moral compass is a bit skewed.

      1. Jack

        24/7,365 rent free.
        He owns you!

        1. F

          Exactly. Why did they vote for the Obidens then? Lol

      2. James

        Damn right, Simplejack

    3. Mark L Sheldon

      God is fake and so is ever belief you hold🤣

    4. Ken

      Hmmm, they say doing too many drugs can really alter the brain and mind. Hopefully you can get help before it’s too late.

    5. F

      @david 👏👏👏👍 100% Agree

    6. Sara

      Satan’s Playground?! Hilarious.

  4. M

    Take the article a step further and ask a Disney about this practice. Is it possible she consented to using the tracker. I know other parks ask if you carry one so they know how long rides are.

    1. Ren

      It has nothing to do with Disney and all to do with Apple airtag that she found on her possession. Disney had nothing to do with this, it could have happened to her in a restaurant or the mall.

    2. Lillian

      Thats not what this is about, And this smells like a made up social media story for the views. Not the first time an attention needy Karen comes up with this. If this happened to me ANYWHERE, I’d be filing a police report, not running to social
      Media to get “views” on my page.

      1. F

        @ Lillian. Why would anyone go to the “police” in Cali.?! Nothing is prosecuted there! NOT EVEN MURDER! You REALLY think they are going to care about a potential robbery or rape facilitated via a tracking device? Get wrecked fool

    3. Ken

      Not only that but how did the “device” know HER phone number to contact her that she had the device “on” her? It doesn’t just send out random texts, it has to have the number to send the text to.

      1. Mg

        Incorrect. If you have an iPhone or tracker app then it can pick up airtags and if you are being tracked and will notify you. It’s a notification on phone, not a phone call.

    4. Dawn

      The cards they hand people at the rides to monitor the wait times are on a lanyard and are the size of a credit card. This has nothing to do with the parks.

  5. Kevin

    So instead of running to a CM, Disney Security, or the Police this “actress” runs to Twitter? Got it. And I am soooooo sure this wasn’t just some stunt from a no name “actress” to garner some publicity.

    1. asdf

      That’s because it didn’t happen. People are too gullible with everything people post online. If it did actually happen, they can track it back to it’s owner. Like you said, she’s just another “actress” looking for her 15 minutes.

  6. Em

    Air tags are too expensive for criminals to be throwing in peoples bags. IF it happened. It probably was on someone’s bag, came loose, and fell into her bag. Especially if they were in line with each other at some point. Otherwise, I ain’t buying it.

  7. Bryan

    While I too question the legitimacy, accuracy and reality of this particular event – knowing full well that, if it happened, it could have just as easily been an accident (fallen off someone else’s bag, etc, been a nefarious individual planning on something grotesque and/or any number of other possible explanations – I will say this:

    Any reasonably minded person, who does their own research versus listening to hysteria, will easily find the scariest of truths about Disney, what they’ve become, what they sneak into their films, unexplainable actions or agendas and/or a vast plethora of information & details about Disney that are questionable at best and down right abhorrent at worst.

    To that end, would it surprise me if Disney was doing this? Not in the least. In this day and age, DATA is the new gold rush for corporate entities; like what was said in Westworld ‘the company that has, understands and controls data’ is a corporation that controls everything.

    Therefore, it may be smart to plan on stopping after security entry and check all pockets and bags for anything like this, THEM, after about 30 minutes in the park or after your first or second interaction with a park employee of character, do so again.

    Thus, if they are engaging in such activity, it can be discovered very early on and, unlike this person, REPORT IT TO THE POLICE!! NOT park security, park police, etc. but the ACTUAL POLICE FROM OUTSIDE THE PARK!

    Disney is scary, yes. Their is so much to question about this persons account, yes. BUT, on the chance that Disney is doing things like this – or even nefarious people – I think my statement about checking once or twice in the park is a prudent practice regardless.

    P.S. While many criminals may not have the funds for buying endless AirTags to simply throw away, criminal organizations certainly do (or they’ll steal them); think of the trafficking organization and the money they had in the movie Taken, that is real and that’s the type that would go to this extent to find a girl to grab.

    Cautiousness and keeping eyes open are the most crucial part of being in public places with large amounts of people.

    1. Simplejack

      So disney sneaks a homosexual kiss into a movie, and you feel this makes them more likely to commit criminal acts? Or because they felt the need to support their employees in a spat against desantis? (Anyone who has ever managed employees understands this was a no win situation). I dont agree with gay kisses in kids movies either, nor do i ageee with teaching sexuality to kids in K-3 grades. We probably are in agreement on a lot of disneys actions. But to consider them a “criminal organization” (your words) because of their pro gay/trans stance, or to think this makes them more likely to commit crimes, is just silly.

      1. Val

        Exactly, Disney chose to stand by their lgbt employees, and all of a sudden they’re “stealing people like on Taken”. Some people seem to be so far out, I don’t know how they function on a daily basis. Worry about the actual problems we’re going through (like mental people buying g*ns) instead of making a freaking Theme park into some sort of conspiracy.

      2. Mark L Sheldon

        all the more reason we need a lot more gay kisses in kids movies especially men on men

        1. Ken

          I would prefer if this comment section was kept G-rated. Your comment has no place here.

        2. Jack

          Yet another creepy groomer.

      3. Ken

        This type of comment has no place here. My children don’t need to read inappropriate comments. Intimate situations need to go to an adult forum. Have some respect for children’s rights PLEASE!!

        1. The Senate

          Hey saying this as a 16 year old, please don’t speak for us, we don’t need to patronized.

        2. Sheryl

          Why would your child be reading this section??

      4. Jack

        Spotted the groomer.

        1. James

          Hey Jack, your snake-charming, religious-fanatic buddies are calling you

    2. Emilia

      Bryan, you’ve lost touch with reality. Get a grip and go out for some fresh air. No one cares

    3. Mark L Sheldon

      Parnioa ..why would he need a tracker people are stupid ..no one will read all that

    4. Dawn

      I you are worried about Disney doing something like this don’t use the App, of any App for that matter. Every single one of them tracks your movements. They track every webpage you open, every place you go…. LOL, leave your GPS turned off. And don’t use your phone for anything other than calls and texting.

  8. Simplejack

    This was most likely a fake story from an attention seeking social media idiot using her disney trip as an opportunity to jump on the latest “I am a victim – look at me” trend. Second most likely scenario is that her husband or boyfriend snuck this into her bag to keep track of her.

  9. Jo

    Your Disney arm band does this. Just watch your name appear on the adios board in its a small world! How’d that happen???? Guess.

    1. Mark L Sheldon

      she’s too stupid to realize it was her arm band the whole time

      1. stephen

        Disneyland doesn’t use magic bands at the moment so it couldn’t have been one of those.

    2. Dawn

      LMAO, that’s only at Disney World. Disneyland doesn’t use the wrist bands. But every time you open the App you are tracked….

  10. This happened to me on my trip to WDW last winter. Was near midnight as I was walking from EPCOT to the Swan hotel and saw I was being tracked once inside my room. I never noticed, but someone must have slipped it inside my bag or something. Never found the airtag in our belongings however. Very strange and scary

    1. Dawn

      How would it work without a tag? That makes no sense…. Unless you allowed a blue tooth device to connect and it was following you.

  11. Goofy

    That whole story sound made up!!

  12. umopapisdn

    Since she admits to never finding a physical device on or in her possessions, it was likely an airtag that someone else nearby had in their possession and she happened to be near them for two hours. So, when she disabled it, she only prevented that person from finding their keys if they lose them.

  13. Backcountry164

    Yeah right. This is the sort of thing creepy ex boyfriends do not random strangers with nothing to gain. If someone wanted to “track” her in a crowded Disney park they could just follow at a distance and she’d never know. Just another bs story from someone who feels they’re not getting enough attention…

  14. Jack

    A desperate cry for attention from a low IQ, unemployed Biden voter.

  15. Dawn

    I smell BS… What parking lot was she even parked at? Not a Disney one…. Looks like she didn’t really do anything in the parks and didn’t even check her device until who knows where she was at. Not only that, but there is no information about an after hours event that would have taken place on the 26th of June in DCA. If anyone she was hanging out with had an Apple device that could have connected and would show as a track.

  16. Name

    Disney World tracks you via Magic Bands, cell phone app. Disneyland tracks you via Cell phone app.

  17. F

    Why would anyone go to the “police” in Cali.?! Nothing is prosecuted there! NOT EVEN MURDER! You REALLY think they are going to care about a potential robbery or rape facilitated via a tracking device? Get wrecked fools!

  18. Connor M.

    According to her Twitter bio, she actually uses she/her pronouns. I would appreciate an edit to this piece, as you clearly do not have the correct use of pronouns. To me, that’s hate speech.

  19. Justin

    I have an AirTag on my keychain. If I walk near someone too long that has an iPhone, they’ll get the same alert. Doesn’t mean they’re tracked. Also the AirTag is about the size of 3 quarters stacked and bright white, easy to find on your person if you wanted to look for it.

  20. Augie

    There are multiple stories of these warnings. I heard they only warn you if you have an Iphone. That would be the first big flaw. Why they waited so long to inform her seems like another major flaw. If a unattributed to your device tag tracks you over 50 yards or 10 minutes you should be informed and able to block it. And what if you don’t have a phone with you. That said the idea that many people believe (not just her) that they are being used for more harm than good is quite a reach. They have sold tens of millions of these tags. Even if many never realize or report it the stories are no where near the sales. That does not mean not to be vigilant. There are also devices made by smaller companies with the same ability 10 of millions sold, but less accountability than apple. And zero warnings so who knows. Way scary. They are going to need to put some laws in place for these types of devices to have built in safety features to be used legally because the tech is here to stay. They must make it safe as possible.

  21. Augie

    Is there a moderator for comments on this Disney based news website? Some of you are telling on yourselves. And are way off topic.

  22. Yoda

    This story sounds fake you would think she tell everyone where the tag was to help others

  23. Mike

    There’s another possibility. Since she was in a group all night and never went off alone, it’s possible someone in her group had one on them. She would then get the same notice. Especially when you’re spending all your time in lines.

  24. Caroline

    I had Disney reach out to me in a survey, they pressed me for information about my trip to Animal kingdom and why I failed to buy any merchandise or food that day.
    I had looked at merchandise, in their communications to me during the survey they told me what store I was in shopping. Honestly fearing that they were placing accusations of theft on me for “not buying anything ”
    I disclosed to them what the cast member situation was leading to me exiting thier shop with out my purchase.
    I am a little greatful as I found the same item with a necklace included earrings for the same price at Hollywood Studios days later. I used my annual passholder discount on them and used a wdw gift card so they can follow me using the RFID on that too!!

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