Mother Panics in Terror After Losing Child at Universal, Guests Save the Day

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Navigating any theme park with kids can be a challenging feat for any parent. With twists and turns around every corner, many attractions that attract the eye, and massive crowds running into you at all times, the theme park experience can be, at times, stressful.

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One of the biggest scares for any parent is to lose their child, especially in an incredibly crowded space that they do not know very well. When Guests visit Universal Orlando Resort with little ones, there is always a chance that a child may go running with excitement faster than they can be captured! When this happens, Guests can go to a Team Member who can assist with finding the child, but sometimes it is the surrounding Guests that will come to the rescue!

Inside the Magic spoke with Serena M., who just returned from a Universal Orlando Resort vacation where she experienced a very terrifying moment. Serena was at Islands of Adventure with her family when one of her kids ran off to enjoy the Park. Of course, being a child, the young boy was likely excited to look around but slipped away in a split moment which left mother Serena in a panic.

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Serena was screaming for her son when Guests noticed her panic and jumped to the rescue, as Serena noted:

My son got separated from us in the massive crowds at the front of Forbidden Journey. It was the wonderful park goers that helped me. Not a single cast member tried to help until someone went up to them even though I was screaming for my kid (honestly I probably freaked them out). It was the great men and women at the park that stepped up and asked me what he looked like and what he was wearing and they all separated and worked together to look for and find my son! I am soooooooo grateful! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Credit: Inside the Magic

As we continued to speak with Serena, she continued to mention how grateful she was for the Guests who not only helped to find her son but for the others who gave her comfort while she was in a panic.

The woman that went through the queue to find my kiddo is my hero. There was a kind lady on a scooter that stayed with me to keep me calm and another gentleman that was working actively to find my kid in the opposite direction of my husband. I am so grateful for the kindness of strangers.

Although I myself am not a parent, I am an avid theme park goer and have seen this happen with parents time and time again. Especially for those who have multiple children, keeping them perfectly in front of you is nearly impossible when you add in their excitement and surrounding crowds.

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We are so happy to hear that Serena’s little boy was found and that the Guests of Universal Orlando Resort were able to set aside their theme park time to help Serena in a terrifying moment! It serves as a reminder that it is not only Team Members who can make a difference in the day of another Guest, but you as a Guest as well will always have an impact on those around you.

Have you ever had a scary moment like Serena while at a theme park? Let us know in the comments below. 

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