Climate Change Severely Impacting Disney Theme Park Attendance

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Disney sees the impacts of climate change, not just in Shanghai, but internationally

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Overwhelming numbers of floods, fires, and heat waves have shown how seriously climate change impacts Disney theme parks. And sources say it’s only going to get worse.

wildfires near disneyland paris as an example of climate change impacts Disney faces
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Climate Change Affects Disney Attendance

Disney’s attendance has dropped substantially, but while there is worry about Bob Iger deceiving attendees and the area being a “ghost town,” the answer can also relate to something simpler: weather. While weather and climate change are inherently different, the impacts of climate change on Disney show in meteorological events.

Who wants to go to the theme park when it’s rained out? Why would you risk bringing the family to Disneyland Resort if there is smoke in the air from a fire? These events are getting more common, and the inability to plan for them is one huge way climate change impacts Disney.

tropical storm fred model as an example of how Disney faces weather issues
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Disney Attendance Impacted by Heat Waves

If you can’t plan for climate change impacts Disney encounters, it makes reservations at Disney Parks a lot more challenging. There are some impacts you can predict at Walt Disney Parks. When a hurricane is expected to make landfall near Disney World, it is likely not the best time to visit.

If a fireworks show is booked during a fireworks ban, that’s probably not the attraction to hit. But the heat waves that Walt Disney Parks encounter are much trickier to predict. There have been alerts issued in several of the regions where the Walt Disney Company operates.

That results in diminished theme park attendance, simply due to safety reasons. Climate change impacts Disney, without a doubt, and the impacts extend from Disneyland Paris to any Walt Disney Parks location across the globe.

Disneyland flood in Paris as an example of climate change impacts on Disney
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Natural Disasters and Climate Change Impact Disney Operations

In the United States, heat waves sweep the nation. Across China, there are serious natural disasters. These showings of climate change impact Disney operations in more ways than one, but this starts with a downturn in Disneyland Shanghai attendance. It shifts the carbon concept into a currency and obliges Disney to comply with federal and international regulations.

An example of climate change impacts Disney encounters include production shutdowns due to climate change resulting in fire, flood, or extreme heat conditions. Another common one relates to technological issues; humans aren’t the only things that overheat. And if the experts are correct, it’s only getting worse.

cinderella castle (left) lightning magic kingdom (right)
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Disney’s Relationship With Climate Change

Climate change is a serious, yet mendable issue, provided individuals and businesses like the Walt Disney Company take active steps to improve this situation. Some examples include the LED installation and drone light shows in Disneyland.

These use less carbon and can reduce the overall footprint that leads to climate change. Considering Disney’s presence on multiple continents, it’s in a unique position to take preventative action against climate change impacts Disney and its visitors can suffer.

Angry Elsa is looking at Cinderella Castle in the background
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Disney’s Interest in Climate Change Solutions

The Walt Disney Company has an active interest in climate change. Impacts Disney sees stretch across the globe. While some Walt Disney World endeavors certainly detract from climate change issues, there are some Walt Disney World Resort features that miss the mark.

For example, the fireworks shows have climate change impacts Disney can change (and is through its light/water shows). Another example is the Walt Disney Company trekking adventurers across the globe via airplane. National Geographic covers these topics extensively, delving into renewable energy and environmental goals.

Disney resort drone show to celebrate
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Disney Embraces Climate Change Solutions

It’s the face of the environmental goals that prevent climate change impacts Disney can help stem. Ultimately, the goal is to prevent fires and flooding, optimize renewable energy, and improve Disney theme park attendance thanks to climate change initiatives. Until then, Shanghai and the rest of the world are vulnerable to global warming and the unpredictable heat waves that come with it.

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