Demand for Sustainable Travel at Disney Theme Parks Is Growing

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Image of 'Finding Nemo' beside a struggling bird and Disney's well-kept lawns as demand for sustainable tourism is on the rise

Credit: Disney | Pixabay @A_Different_Perspective

There is an increase in demand for sustainable travel as the world gets swept up in various infernos, droughts, and sea-level issues. So it’s no surprise that Disney’s on board, especially with Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Mark Ruffalo, and Shailene Woodley supporting environmentalism.

Plastic Bags and Nemo as demand for sustainable travel grows
Credit: Disney

Disney theme parks address this need through unique initiatives, but many visitors question whether virtuous acts balance out the potential negatives. Increased calls for sustainable travel impact the profit curve. This means that Disney, a public company, effectively has to implement some actionable solutions.

It’s not surprising that there’s a growing demand for sustainable travel. The international supply chain came into focus amidst the COVID closures and travel restrictions. Tack on a few wildfires in unpredictable places, and it’s hard to ignore that environmentalism impacts people and businesses.

Increase in demand for sustainable tourism with fire and hurricanes surrounding 'Sleeping Beauty' Castle
Credit: Disney | Pixabay: @Saiho | @12019

Disney added solutions to double down on the rising demand for sustainable travel in 2022. Amongst these efforts was a conversion to energy-efficient LED light panels in various theme park features. While an upfront investment in downtime for the Sleeping Beauty Castle and labor and goods, it’s a solid response to a demand for sustainable travel.

Disney Reacts to Increase in Demand for Sustainable Travel

In 2023, the records of environmental disasters and discontent among Disney fans keep rising. Disney created a measurable strategy to react to both the global climate change crisis and the increase in the call for sustainable travel.

With increasing demand for sustainable travel Disney begins creating lower impact products
Credit: Disney

Back in 2020, the company announced ambitious goals for 2030. It’s since shown an apparent effort to implement these plans. They include six core principles to support the rising demand for sustainable travel.

  • Reducing Emissions
  • Conserving Water
  • Reducing Waste
  • Building Sustainably
  • Creating Lower Impact Products
  • Greening Production

The ability to impact the environment comes with some economic caveats. Work requires energy, and that can lead to short-term losses but long-term gains. That’s the hope, anyways, as Disney prepares to submit an environmental impact assessment for its Anaheim expansion.

Part of Disney's environment plan as increase in demand for sustainable tourism impacts theme parks
Credit: Disney

Ultimately, any sustainability initiative hopes to create systems that function over long periods. The Walt Disney Company’s approach is to invest now and see dividends in a healthy future. It leaves some guests discontent about price hikes, but it shows that Disney’s making efforts so that cost doesn’t pass to the next generation.

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