Disney World Left Empty as Park Attendance Crumbles

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EPCOT looking empty

Credit: @innoventioneast via Twitter

Where’d everyone go?

Low crowds at Walt Disney World
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Each and every year, millions of Guests pour into the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, with the intention of having fun and making memories that will last a lifetime. Because of the incredible theming and service, as well as the jaw-dropping amount of things, there is to do, Walt Disney World is one of the most-visited places on earth.

By itself, Magic Kingdom is the most popular theme park destination in the world, with record amounts of Guests visiting each year. Magic Kingdom is followed by the other theme parks at Walt Disney World as well as the Universal Orlando Resort.

However, not every day is crowded, with Walt Disney World being left quite empty multiple times recently.

Empty 'Ohana restaurant
Credit: Disney

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You would think that the summer would be constantly packed at Disney World, and you would mostly be right. However, quite a few days have been incredibly empty.

Over the last weekend, “The Most Magical Place on Earth” seemed to be super empty, with several photos revealing just how not-crowded the Parks were. The pictures linked below show both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT looking particularly empty on a normal weekend in July:

Despite what Bob Iger wants us to believe, Walt Disney World is empty

More photos were later shared of EPCOT on Saturday. The Park looked just as empty as it did earlier that weekend:

EPCOT on a Saturday. Empty.

There’s truly no explanation as to why the theme parks were so empty. With summer in full effect, you would expect Walt Disney World and other surrounding theme parks to be jam-packed with Guests.

While it may seem like hyperbole, there are facts to back up the claims of Disney being extraordinarily empty. Over the 4th of July holiday, Walt Disney World was at its emptiness in a decade.

Universal Orlando also hit a record low in attendance. As for what’s causing the dropoff in visitors, we aren’t quite sure. Both Universal and Disney have incredible experiences at their theme parks, each bringing new and existing attractions to the table each and every year.

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger claimed he was not worried about the drop in attendance, so only time will tell how serious this problem actually is.

Have you been to Walt Disney World recently? Have you ever seen the Disney Parks empty?

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