Disney Adds to Safety Content Amidst Growing Airline Concerns

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Picture from 'Planes' alongside Mickey Mouse family going to the airport as Disney adds content to new safety video

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Fear of flying is one of the most consistently ranked phobias, so anything that adds a bit of comfort is welcome. In a new partnership with a major airline, Disney adds its content to the safety videos on the plane.

Rooted in the idea of improving family travel, the update comes as a teaser for new features during the safety procedures.

Planes image as Disney adds content to safety video
Credit: Disney

There have been questions about the safety of Air Canada in the past, even as recently as June 2023. Even as these events occur, Disney adds its content to the before-takeoff video. The new safety video sneak peek highlights efforts to add a bit of magic (and tech) to the plane trip while also covering the essentials.

Kids in Disney clothes as Disney adds content to safety video
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Whether putting this in the safety video is a good or bad idea is yet to be seen for the North American airliner. On the one hand, it can create an engaging and meaningful connection to the safety content while simultaneously calming passengers’ nerves.

The flip side of that coin is the risk of the content posing a distraction. Titled, “Discover the magic of our new in-flight safety video,” the content includes seatbelts and proper belt usage clips.

It ties these safety themes to theme park attractions, using the clip to magically transport viewers to Disney theme park visuals.

Air Canada Partners With Disney to Improve Safety Video

Travelers can interpret it as a clever use of advertisement, but the full impacts aren’t clear. An associate of a competing airline, Virgin Atlantic, says that even staff listen.

The former pilot, Paul Tizzard, states, “It helps to get the mind alert.” Hopefully, the new take with Disney adding content will help rather than distract.

The full video releases on board select Air Canada flights, where travelers can see Disney add content to the safety videos. Whether the new feature proves to be a success is yet to be seen. Available on-flight starting July 2023, those getting a Disney-Air Canada package can check it out firsthand.

What do you think about Disney adding content to an airline’s in-flight safety feature? Good for calm and focus or a complete distraction? Let Inside the Magic hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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