Guest Shares Frustrating Experience, Says Disney Is “Not Worth the Money Anymore”

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When visiting the four different Parks at Walt Disney World, Guests can enjoy delicious dining offerings, world-class entertainment, character interactions, iconic classic attractions, and new innovative experiences. With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why Walt Disney World is The Most Magical Place On Earth.

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However, since Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort were reopened, Guests have pointed out that their overall experience at the Parks is not quite the same as it used to be. Guests have recently shared reports of overflowing trash cans, queues full of litter, and more at both parks. This is without mentioning the breakdowns and evacuations that appear more frequent each time at several Disney attractions.

trash cans at tomorrowland in disneyland
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Recently, one extremely disappointed Guest took to Reddit to share his experience during their last trip to Disney World, emphasizing the last trip.

Redditor u/Illusion740 commented that they are not anti-Disney, but that after their experience during their last trip, they consider that everything that made Disney unique is gone.

The first thing they mention is the price, commenting that they could’ve traveled almost any place in the world for four days with the amount of money they spent on flights, hotel, food, tickets, and so on. They add that Disney is lacking in the maintenance of the facilities, mentioning that “stuff is getting old” and things aren’t being fixed.

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Moving on with their experience, the original poster comments that Cast Members seem overworked or grumpy or that they are not the right person for the job. They add, “I get it they are probably underpaid, and inflation of housing in the area makes it harder to live, their humans, unions, bad days and so on, but Disney you’re lacking.” They also comment on the lack of international Cast Members representing their countries and culture at EPCOT’s World Showcase.

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They also comment on how many rides have been changed to make them politically correct, in their opinion, adding that they have no problem with the rides being modified for a younger audience but mentioning that these changes are being “poorly executed” in their opinion.

The original poster comments that, although they made some great memories, this would be the last time they visit a Disney Park, as they think that Disney is “just not worth the money anymore.”

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It seems that, recently, it has become a common belief that the experience while visiting Disney World, or any other Disney Park, is declining, which is understandable considering the closures due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the different measures that have been enforced and updated throughout the pandemic, like mask mandates and the polemic reservation system. This also involves the several changes that had to be made to different experiences, including several shows having to be temporarily canceled, some gradually returning, and some with no official reopening date.

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However, Disney is working hard to maintain the Park’s high standards, with Cast Members constantly training to provide a magical experience for the young and the young at heart on every visit. And regarding the original poster’s comment on World Showcase at EPCOT, international programs are slowly returning to Disney Parks, with cultural representative programs recruiting Cast Members from several countries to help spread the magic.

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While it has been complicated for Disney to fully get back on its feet after the several problems and changes that the ongoing pandemic brought, several aspects need special attention to prevent more Guests from having unpleasant experiences when visiting Walt Disney World and Disney Parks around the world.

Have you visited Walt Disney World Recently? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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