Oh Boy! Disney Characters Share Relatable Stay-At-Home Instagram Posts

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Mickey Mouse Wearing Red Robe (Left), Minnie Mouse Wearing Blue Polka dots (Right)

Credit: Disneyland Paris

These are very different times that we’re living in, and all the Disney magic that is flowing through social media is thankfully keeping us occupied.  While some of us are used to working from home from, it’s a new concept for others.  Even for Mickey and Minnie mouse! They’re staying home during this time too, not having to travel around the world to visit with guests all over the world.  We all wish we could be quarantining with them!

Mickey and Minnie recently shared a post on the Disneyland Paris Instagram sharing how they are wearing pajamas all day, but changing from their night to day pajamas and back again!  Who can relate?  I know they’re quarantining in Paris currently, but how do Mickey and Minnie make loungewear look so fancy?  They put everyone else’s “I woke up like this” to shame!

But they aren’t the only Disney characters that are hitting all our feels.  Over the past few weeks, some characters have been posting on social media about home life that we totally understand.  And for some other characters’ personalities, it just makes so much more sense at this point.

Mickey Mouse

We spend our days working from home, and some days, we need to get out of daytime pajamas for Zoom meetings, Google Hangouts, and FaceTimes, because you know it isn’t socially acceptable when people actually have to look at you, or is it?  But this is a look at how we all spend time together now.  Zoom keeps us connected to our loved ones, but golly!  Sometimes we just can’t hear when everyone is talking!  The lag is 100% real.

Minnie Mouse

Everyone’s baking all kind of goodies these days!  With some extra time on our hands, people are making a mess in the kitchen and trying out new recipes.  Minnie’s pie sure does look delicious!  I wonder if she has a recipe for that.

What new dishes has everyone been trying out at home?  Mickey beignets?  Churros?  Dole Whip?  Mickey Pretzel?  Grey Stuff?  You should try it!  It’s delicious!

The Muppets

Anyone else get bored so you start looking in their fridge and pantry for some relief?  I think The Muppets have a little healthier take on it with their produce, but they’re also going nutty like us if they’re having a sing-a-long with their produce.


Everyone is trying to find ways to stay sane and keep busy now especially if you have kids at home.  Wasabi and Baymax are doing the same by trying out yoga and meditation.  Getting up and getting a little exercise and movement going helps release endorphins.  We all need a little happy and positivity and endorphins can help with that.  Things to try are Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, or Princess Training.


Olaf is kind of silly all the time, but this one hits close to home, if you’ve had a birthday recently or a birthday coming up.  We’ve seen tons of drive by birthdays for people at home.  Opening birthday presents are always a surprise, but now a days, you’re just going into the unknown!  Hopefully, all your wishes still come true.

Winnie the Pooh

Let’s be real for a second here.  Winnie the Pooh is basically a mood all the time.  As of late though, we are feeling more and more on his level.  Naps and snacks are super popular in our days.  Maybe that’s why we go from nighttime to daytime pajamas.  Oh bother!

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