Try These Free Online Disney Yoga Classes To Find Your Magical Center!

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Disney Yoga Class

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You’ve seen the upbeat Disney Zumba videos, the fun interval training, and even the princess training. But sometimes, you just want everyone to take a chill pill! Yoga is excellent for calming the mind, which isn’t always the easiest for kids or adults, and it’s still a ton of fun — especially when it’s Disney-inspired yoga.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure does a great job at slowing things down with fun yoga for older and younger kids. Their videos engage you in interactive adventures of story-telling in the form of calming background music, yoga poses, and breathing exercises. Plus, they are great for all ages — not just kids!

The best part is that you don’t need any equipment unless you want to grab your yoga mat. Let me back up. The fact that she does Disney versions is the best part of her videos. You don’t even need to put on shoes to do this workout! Just pop on the video and gather your children, or the children in yourselves, and let’s get started with a few of our favorites.

Frozen Yoga

In 2014, after the Frozen story came out, Cosmic Kids Yoga recreated the story with very interactive yoga activities that are sweet one perfect for the family.

Moana Yoga

Here she starts in Motunui, where Moana is from, and takes you through her epic journey to find herself and save her home.

Star Wars Yoga

This one is a bit longer and great for those days when you feel like you need a break from the world. It will bring you both mind and body awareness.

Alice in Wonderland Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga does a Saturday Morning Yoga series, and we’re so glad that we decided to take this whimsical story and give you all the same funny feeling as the movie.

Spider-Man Yoga

There’s no better way to sharpen your spidey senses than to increase your flexibility with some yoga. How else will you climb the walls and swing through the city?

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Disney Guests Can Now Exercise Inside Park Before It Opens

Yoga has been a tool that even teachers have been integrating into their lesson plans, especially when they see students slouching in the classroom. Yoga helps with your posture and gets the blood flow going. It can also lead to better productivity or a more positive mood!  Also, it’s an immunity booster, and who doesn’t want that, especially parents for their kids?

Cosmic Kids Yoga is excellent for children, but we all have a childlike spirit. These videos feel less like you’re taking classes and help you enjoy fun activities while gaining mindfulness and relaxation. If you start practicing yoga regularly, it will teach your kids and yourself how to re-energize and focus better. That is an excellent snowball effect for a good mood and confidence!

Now you’re ready to get out there and seize your own Disney magic using Disney-inspired yoga!

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