Add Magic to Your At-Home Workout with Disney Yoga Mats!

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disney yoga mat

Credit: Dick's Sporting Goods/Disney/Marvel Stuidos

Want to add some magic to your at-home workouts? Look no further than these Disney yoga mats, available online at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The first exercise mat features Elsa, wearing her “Dark Sea” outfit from the second Frozen movie. The ice blue yoga mat reads “Fearless” and has the Disney Frozen II logo at the bottom.

You’re sure to be inspired to try a challenging new asana every time you use this Frozen workout mat!

elsa yoga mat
Credit: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods also has a trio of Marvel Avengers exercise mats available. These showcase Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, and Ironman.

The Captain America yoga mat features a graphic of the first Avenger in full regalia, carrying his shield. You’ll be inspired to get in shape like Steve Rogers (or Chris Evans, for that matter!) with this bold exercise mat.

Captain America Yoga Mat
Credit: Dick’s Sporting Goods

The next Marvel workout mat in the collection features the Incredible Hulk. Hulk looks fearsome in this comic book inspired drawing.

Even if you’re more of a Bruce Banner in real life, your inner Hulk is sure to come out when you choose this intense green yoga mat. You might even decide to try a tough exercise sequence, like this Disney HIIT workout.

hulk yoga mat
Credit: Dick’s Sporting Goods

The final Marvel exercise mat in this Dick’s Sporting Goods collection features Iron Man. The superhero’s iconic reactor core is front-and-center on this red and yellow yoga mat.

Fortunately, you don’t need to have Tony Stark’s net worth to afford one of these Disney yoga mats. They’re all regularly priced at $19.99, with some styles currently on sale for $14.95.

iron man yoga mat
Credit: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Each of the lightweight yoga mats in this Disney and Marvel series is made of non-slip foam, so you won’t skid while doing your at-home workout of choice.

Perfect for yoga practice, pilates, HIIT workouts, or even martial arts, all of these travel yoga mat styles also include a carry handle for on-the-go-lifestyles.

Don’t forget coordinating Disney loungewear for your next workout in your living room! You don’t need a fitness center to get in great shape for your next 20,000 step day in the Magic Kingdom.

Which Disney yoga mat is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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