Try This At-Home Disney HIIT Workout Complete with a Magical Playlist

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Disney has some fun upbeat music that can certainly keep you motivated. You can create your own Disney playlist or use our’s that we’ve set up. Here we’ve matched up some suggestions of songs to fit the certain body exercises of your HIIT program.

What is HIIT? It stands for high intensity interval training. It’s typical to have two to three rounds of a set of exercises for that you are on for a certain period of time and resting for a certain period. It helps to have a Tabata timer that beeps so it’s easier to keep track. (Apps can be found on your phone.) You can consciously focus on the right form for your exercises rather that the time itself. 

For the program below you’ll start with a 10 minute warm up before going into three sets of five exercises for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off which will take 15 minutes to complete. Mix and match abs and back with either the upper body or lower body. Abs and back can be done everyday but you should switch up upper and lower body to every other day. All in all with a 5 minutes warm up, 15 minutes abs and back, 15 minutes upper or lower body, and 10 minute cool down, should give you a nice 45 minutes workout.

Warm Up

If you don’t want to get injured during your workout, you need to make sure you don’t jump straight in! Slowly build up into your this next part of your routine. If this is not the warm up you would like, there are other options like cardio and Zumba. Because of the short 5 minutes, you’ll go straight through without a break.

30 seconds each x 2 rounds

  • Air Jump Rope
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knees (jumping for high impact or no jumping for low impact)
  • Toe Touches (feet little farther than shoulder width apart and arms out to the side; touch hand to opposite foot; other hand stretches up to the sky)


  • “Hakuna Matata” – 3:34
  • “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” – 3:22
Hakuna Matata
Credit: Disney

Abs and Back

45 seconds on/10 seconds off  each x 3 rounds

  • Starfish (spread arms and legs to the shape of a star; lift legs six inches for the floor; lift to touch opposite arm to leg; lower and repeat on other side)
  • Toe Taps (arms to the side; palms down on ground; bend knees to 90 degrees or tabletop position; alternating tapping toes to the ground)
  • Heel Touches (lay back; knees still bent but flat on ground; arms to your side; lift shoulder blades of ground; lean to touch one heel then alternate to other side)
  • Plank (elbows under shoulder and push up; toes under; back flat)
  • Back Extensions (lay onto stomach; bend arms with hands at temples; slowly lift off ground and lower)


  • “I Wan’na Be Like You” – 4:38
  • “Trashin’ the Camp” – 2:15
  • “Under the Sea” – 3:15
  • “You’re Welcome” – 2:44
  • “Friend Like Me” (Will Smith Version) – 2:36
Credit: Disney

Upper Body

45 seconds on/10 seconds off each x 3 rounds

  • Push ups (modify by laying on ground; pull toes under; hands by chest; push up leaving knees on ground; make sure shoulders stay forward)
  • Shoulder Touch Planks (on hands and feet; touch opposite hand to opposite shoulder)
  • One Arm Rows (standing; slight bend in the knees; hinge at hips; pinch shoulder blades together like you have a pencil on your spine; row elbow straight towards sky keeping tension in back; alternating sides after half the time; add dumbbell or some type of weight if necessary, cans work)
  • Arm Raises (still standing; arms down; holding weights if necessary; raise both arms to side keeping shoulders down then lower; raise arms to front then lower)
  • Shoulder Presses (standing or sitting in chair; arms up elbows in line to shoulder; make sure shoulders are down; hands towards the sky or holding weights; push arms up straight and lower back to starting position)


  • “Heigh-Ho” – 2:47
  • “How Far I’ll Go” – 2:43
  • “Show Yourself” – 4:21
  • “Zero to Hero” – 2:21
  • “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” – 2:51
 Hercules Flexing
Credit: Disney

Lower Body

45 seconds on/10 seconds off each x 3 rounds

  • Squats With Hold (feet slight past shoulder width apart; sit back onto heels when you squat; slowly lower really activating your butt muscles; hold for 3 seconds before coming up)
  • Lunges With Hop (step back driving knee towards ground; make sure front knee doesn’t go over toes; then drive knee towards chest coming up onto tip toes; alternating sides after half the time)
  • Sumo Squats With Calf Raises (feet far apart; squat down; lift one heel off the ground and lower then the other; come up; repeat)
  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (stand adjacent to something sturdy; active leg on the outside; lift knee towards chest then hinge at hips and lift leg straight back and free arm out forward; alternating sides after half the time)
  • Donkey Kicks and Fire Hydrants (onto all fours; core strong; drive one heel towards sky and lower; knee not coming back all the way to ground; lift knee towards side and lower; alternating sides after half the time)


  • “Go the Distance” – 3:14
  • “Into the Unknown” – 3:15
  • “One Jump Ahead” – 2:55
  • “I’ve Got a Dream” – 3:11
  • “Try Everything” – 3:17
Lady and the Tramp
Credit: Disney

Cool Down

Don’t forget to stretch. It’s so important for your recovery and health to have a proper cool down. It helps your muscles not cramp up after working out. You’ll get less of a lactic acid build up which is what causes the muscle soreness.

30 seconds hold each x 2 rounds

  • Calves
  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Back
  • Abs
  • Pecs
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Neck


  • “The Bare Necessities” – 4:51
  • “I See the Light” – 3:44
  • “Let it Go” – 3:44
Snow White Stretching
Credit: Disney


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