10 Disney Zumba Videos To Work Up A Magical Sweat

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free disney zumba dance workout routines

Y’all ready to boogie down? If you love Disney music, and occasionally a Disney dance party, then this is the Disney Zumba playlist is the Disney Workout video for you! While you’re dancing your Main Street, U.S.A. heart out, you might as well break a sweat and tone up with this workout playlist!

You can find all sorts of Disney family music to listen to (Check out our endorsement of Disney Parks music on DPark Radio) , but the best Disney songs to get your Disney Zumba on are these tutorials and routines by superstar instructors.

Start out with a full stretch, ditch the treadmill and rev up into some crazy awesome moves. Then, wind down to a pleasing Disney Medley that will chill you right out. Grab your roomie, your kids or your S.O. and clear the room. You’re on your way to becoming part of the Main Street Trolley show with these workouts! You can stream our entire Zumba Class Playlist from start to finish here on Youtube , or you can find the individual Zumba instructor and fitness videos below.

Thanks, Elite Daily , for sharing these routines and inspiring us to try this magical workout! Lace-up your Mickey Mouse sneakers and remember, You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like… Us!

free disney zumba dance workout routines
Credit: Bfit with BHood and ITM

Disney Zumba Routines and Workout Videos

“How Far I’ll Go” From Moana

Stretch it out early with Moana’s ballad. Gently warm-up your arms and legs with this initial workout song and watch the water as you dance along. (You might even be singing as a Disney fan, too!)

“You’re Welcome” From Moana

Zumba With Andy brings our energy a little higher with a calm start to “You’re Welcome!” Start with easy moves that pop into some shuffles and easy, repeatable moves in this Disney Zumba video. Ease into your workout, and for that, we say, YOU’RE WELCOME!

“Friend Like Me” From Aladdin

As far as Zumba instructors go, BFit with BHood really does a great job! He’s clear, precise and really fun as he guides us through Ne-Yo’s cover of  “Friend Like Me!” Our wish is granted with peppy steps and high- energy choreography reminiscent of the animated film and Broadway production.

“Try Everything” From Zootopia

Wook’s Story 욱 이야기 brings Shakira’s antelope to the dance floor with an inspiring dance routine that will have you shaking it to the beat. This official Zumba video for “Try Everything” will bring you right into the middle of your danceathon.

“I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” From The Lion King

This sped-up, jamming version of The Lion King will never let you hear the song the same way. Moves get repeated a lot, so you’ll catch on pretty quickly, though this song is very fast-paced. SpiriFit will have you ready for an entire routine soon enough!

 “Carrying The Banner” From Newsies

Are you a Newsies fan? Chances you are! If you haven’t caught up on the original film starring Christian Bale, hit up Disney+ now and then come back to boogie down with this choreography with Shanna Davies.

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” From Mary Poppins

It’s not a spelling bee, but your brain will be cranking as you study the footwork here. It’s hard to catch those heel-heel-toe dance moves at first, but a LOT OF FUN to tap it out to Ann Marie’s magical sweat routine. Give your legs a fun workout during your Disney Zumba routine.

“We Know The Way” From Moana

This musical clearly makes the top of the workout video list when it comes to “danceability.” This gym routine was taped on the island of Maui, so you can get that true island feel during your pre-cool down. Take your energy down a notch and start wrapping it up with Minie from Sydney.

“Let It Go” From Frozen

Literally chill out with Idina Menzel, the voice of the Disney Princess Elsa, as you stretch your way to the end of your workout. Christi Bishof guides your muscles to a lengthening finish with this cooldown routine set to one of Disney’s box office smashes.

It’s almost impossible to not sing when “Let It Go” from Frozen comes on. Sing it loud and proud as you stretch or cool down to this routine.


Disney Medley Cool Down

A Lion King song begins this chill medley from a 2016 workout. Follow Dynamite Dancing as they take you through a cool-down routine that will lift your spirits higher than Rafiki took Simba.

What other Disney songs would you work out to? Perhaps a little yoga to something from Rapunzel’s tail, Tangled? Or maybe a park-specific Disneyland Storybook Canal music piece? Here at Inside the Magic, we’d love some Disney Parks music to workout! Maybe a meditation series of land loops. Either way, this is a Disney workout playlist we’re ready to use over and over.

We’ve also lassoed a few high-intensity workouts for those that want Disney HIIT hop! That Disney Girl shared Round 1 and Round 2 of her incredibly fun, 20-minute workouts that are great exercise sessions with dance-inspired physical activity.


Which of these Zumba fitness videos really grabs you? We’re ready for more Disney Dancing. Leave us a comment below about your workout!

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