Round 2 of the Disney HIIT Hop Workout: Disney Channel Tribute

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Round 2 Disney hiit hop

Ready for Round Two? Alessa and Emily are at it again, this time giving us a Disney Channel Original Movie-inspired Disney HIIT workout. Y’all know HIIT is a well-known workout style, involving a Tabata style interval (20 seconds of high-intensity cardio, followed by 10 seconds of rest). This emerging “HIIT Hop” style combines Tabata HIIT with Hip Hop dance fitness resulting in a fun, fast-paced workout.

In Emily’s Disney HIIT routines, you’ll alternate between two choreography sequences and do them quickly for 20 seconds before resting.  Rinse, repeat, revise, and react! This time, the girls choose Disney music that we know and love that just pulls us in closer!

Round one of the Disney HIIT Hop Workout was a lot of fun, with recognizable Disney animation tunes from Mulan and Hercules. For the next generation, Disney Channel Original Movies take center stage. Filled with “bops” from Disney radio, Round Two replaces burpees and pushups with fun sweaty moves that will give you a workout. No dance experience required. If you make a mistake, OWN IT and keep moving. When you’re done, tag Emily and Alessa on Instagram at @EMKFit and @_thatdisgirl to share your workout! 

Disney HIIT Workout Round 2 – Disney Channel Tribute

These tunes go from warm-up to poppin’ HIIT. Dance your way through these underrated Disney Channel songs for your Disney HIIT workout.

@EMKFit and @_ThatDisGirl

Emily was just as blown away as Alessa by the huge response on the video. Picking up speed on her fitness videos, Emily has nurtured her HIIT Hop style and wants her budding athletes to love it as much as she does. In the comments of this Round 2 edition, she says,

Hey guys!!! Thank you SO much for all the amazing feedback. This class is my babyyy so I was so excited to do this with Alessa. Shes a STAR. After such an amazing response, I have decided it’s time to get my channel back up and running! Stay tuned for more HIIT Hop, Dance, and Strength workouts with MORE themes!!! 2000s throwbacks anyone?? If you would like to join in my live classes during Quarantine definitely check out the Twitch page as well!”

You can find Emily Thorne and more of her workouts on her social channels like Instagram,  Youtube, and Twitch. Find Alessa on her Youtube Channel.

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