Train Like Mulan With This 20-Minute Disney HIIT Workout

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Ready to Sweat with Simba? Mountain Climbers with Mulan? Maybe Lunges with Lizzie McGuire? Well, we’ve got something a little more dance-inspired to help you move your body!

As a collaboration from Emily of EMK Fitness and That Disney Girl on YouTube, we’ve got a HIIT workout (or High-Intensity Interval Training) that will only take you 20 minutes of dancing, hopping, and moving to Disney tunes.

Forget the actual burpees and squats, and instead, put on your dancing sneakers for hip hop training moves that will raise your heart rate and make you feel like a hero. Afterward, find some animated cool down music and reflect on your amazing Disney workout routine and training accomplishments.

That Disney Girl DISNEY HIIT workout
Credit: That Disney Girl & EMKFIT 

Disney HIIT Workout

What’s better than a fun dance workout? Very few things. In fact, this Disney Zumba workout we covered is a great exercise routine to get you into the dancing Disney mood! It’s the Disney music we all know and love that gets our blood pumping. Combine those familiar tunes with a personal trainer, and you’ve got something we love!

Personal trainer and dance instructor Emily Thorne, of EMK Fitness, teamed up with That Disney Girl to create a fully choreographed 20-minute Disney HIIT Hop workout to a magical playlist. The family-friendly Disney HIIT playlist includes “What Dreams Are Made Of” from The Lizzie McGuire Movie, then start pumping with the aptly chosen, “Get’cha Head in the Game” from High School Musical. Next up, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” from Mulan, and Camp Rock‘s “Hasta La Vista,” and “Zero to Hero” from Hercules (sung by Arianna Grande).

The Disney HIIT choreography is easy to pick up in just a few moves and is easily learned in two parts.  Just copy Emily’s body moves and you’re set! The hard work is keeping it up for just 20 seconds… you’ll be giggling and sweating with the trainer and whomever you grab to be your interval training dance partner!

What the Heck is HIIT HOP?

HIIT is already a well-known workout style, involving a Tabata style interval (20 seconds of high-intensity cardio, followed by 10 seconds of rest) that will make you sweat. This new HIIT Hop style combines Tabata HIIT with a dance fitness that favors hip hop resulting in a really fun, fast-paced workout.

EMK FIT Disney HIIT Workout
Credit: That Disney Girl & EMKFIT

In Emily’s traditional HIIT exercises and Disney routines, you’ll alternate between two choreography sequences and do them quickly for 20 seconds before resting. Rinse, repeat, revise, and react! You can find Emily Thorne and more of her workouts on her social channels like Instagram and Youtube .

Other Disney Workouts

If you enjoy working out to music and movies that you love, we highly recommend trying the new runDisney training programs like the Tangled workout, the Beauty and the Beast workout, and The Little Mermaid workout, all done via Disney plus. Think of them as a Disney movie-watching game, but with workout activities! Plus, all you need is a way to watch Disney plus and a clear space. No gym or workout equipment required!

What move did you love best in this awesome Disney HIIT workout? Leave us a comment below!

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