Flip Your Fins for This ‘Little Mermaid’ Workout!

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Flip your fins! Get your head back in the water where it belongs! At home, runners have a new resource, thanks to runDisney’s new half marathon training series. There’s a new Little Mermaid workout that will have your core muscles in a full-body workout from head to tail! These fin-tastic workouts are inspired by the Disney classic movie from 1989 and involving your favorite Disney song. Watch along with the movie and play this “workout game” that’s awfully reminiscent of a drinking game…

The Little Mermaid
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runDisney Little Mermaid Workout

Don’t be a guppy! This is the first routine in a new workout series of Disney fitness classes inspired by Disney animated films. Centered around our favorite mermaid, it’s the runDisney Little Mermaid Workout. Turn on your Disney+ subscription to this splashy movie, and follow along with the fin fun routine. This Disney Princess knows how to move, and you’ll feel like a professional mermaid in no time!

First up, clear the coral from your area and make sure your hair is shelled back. When you hit play on your streaming device, you’ll get started right away when you hear, “Mysterious Fathoms Below!”

This workout is much like a movie-watching game, where when “X” happens in the movie, you’ll perform a circuit workout element. When you’re watching, make sure you’re stretching and swimming in place while paying attention to the movie!

  • When Mysterious Fathoms Below plays: WALL SIT
  • When Flounder Acts Like a Guppy: 15 Jumping Jacks
  • When Sebastian Acts Crabby: 15 clamshells (thighmaster open & close) on each side
  • While Prince Eric plays his flute: PLANK
  • If you see a Dinglehopper: 5 Burpees

When you’re done channeling your inner Ariel, the Training Tab on runDisney has a lot more tips for race training, if you’re headed to a local race or the awesome virtual 5k series that runDisney puts on each season. At this time, the Walt Disney World Resort Wine and Dine Marathon weekend has villains running wild at home, so this Disney Princess cross-training workout is also good to prepare for that. Official runDisney runner training consultant and Olympian Jeff Galloway has plenty of content to help us have our best race day ever.

As always, you’ll want to consult your physician before you begin a new workout program or diet. We’re just trying to better ourselves, we’re not doctors! Stay safe out there while flippin’ those fins!

Other Disney Workouts

When you’re done with the runDisney Little Mermaid workout, try a few other finish line workouts to strengthen your graceful mermaid training plan. There’s a must-try Disney HIIT hop series of Disney workout videos that are a lot of fun, and 10 Disney Zumba videos that take exercise to a fun new level. You’ll soon be ready for your next runDisney challenge or long run at home.

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Are you up for this land and sea workout? Leave us a comment below about your sweat equity!

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