No One Works Out Like Gaston: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Workout

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Get your head out of that book and into the gym! Or maybe your living room is just fine. Clear your castle of some furniture and tune into Disney plus for runDisney’s latest Princess workout to Beauty and the Beast. Couch potatoes don’t apply to this movie screening. You’ll be roaring along with the Beasts’ workout moves designed to strengthen your character (rose not included).

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Beauty and the Beast Workout

Be Our Guest! Step into your living room but forget the napkin ’round your neck. This is only one routine of a growing workout series of Disney fitness classes inspired by Disney animated films. Alongside The Little Mermaid, Wreck-It Ralph, and Hercules, these cross-training workouts have the stuff to get you ready for your big day.

To get ready for a virtual Disney workout and go into Beast mode, clear the furniture from your movie-watching area (typically a coffee table is enough, but perhaps the footstool-dog as well!) This workout is much like a movie-watching game, where when “X” happens in the movie, you’ll perform a circuit workout element. Be sure to pay attention to the cardio workout while you’re watching the movie… don’t get caught ogling Gaston’s rippling muscles!

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The Beauty and the Beast workout commands:

  • Every time Belle is reading a book: Alternating Lunges (5 each side)
  • When a petal falls from The Enchanted Rose: 10 squats
  • Whenever The Beast lets out a roar: Alternating knee raise (5 each leg)
  • If someone uses the Magic Mirror: Single calf raise (5 each leg)
  • When the Beast transforms into a human: Side plank (10 seconds each side)

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When you’re done channeling your inner Belle (or Gaston, we’re not judging), the Training Tab on runDisney’s website has a lot more tips for race training, if you’re headed to a local race or the awesome virtual 5k series that runDisney puts on each season. Official runDisney runner training consultant and Olympian Jeff Galloway has plenty of content to help us have our best race day ever.

As always, you’ll want to consult your personal doctor before you begin a new workout program or diet. We’re just trying to better ourselves, we’re not doctors! Stay safe out there while touring the West Wing!

Other Disney Workouts

When you’re done with the runDisney Beauty & The Beast workout, try a few other finish line workouts like runDisney’s Little Mermaid Workout to strengthen your Princess training plan. There’s a must-try Disney HIIT hop series of Disney workout videos that are a lot of fun, and 10 Disney Zumba dance videos that take exercise to a fun new level. You’ll soon be ready for your next runDisney challenge or long run at home.

Leave us a comment below about how your Disney beauty workout routine is going!

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