Live Your Dream With This ‘Tangled’ Workout

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When will your life begin? It’s up to you! Take charge of your dream and move it to one of our favorite animated Disney films, Tangled.

The Rapunzel story done over by Disney — Tangled — follows Rapunzel with Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert) on their journey to see the lights. Released in 2010, the film became an instant classic and has spawned merchandise, theme park backdrops, shorts, and more. Now, runDisney has tried its hand at a Tangled workout!

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The Tangled Workout

Warm-up with some of these Disney Zumba dance videos and then cue up Tangled on Disney+. The Snuggly Duckling will welcome you after you brush the sweat from your long hair, but first, here’s the breakdown:

  • During Flynn’s Opening Monologue: PLANK!
  • When Rapunzel’s hair acts like her third arm: 18 Bicycle crunches
  • Every time they get Flynn’s nose wrong (spoiler alert: it’s a lot!): 15 squats
  • If Maximus is hunting Flynn: 10 lunges (each leg)
  • When Pascal changes color: 5 Mountain Climbers
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Credit: runDisney

We’re sincerely wondering why there’s no jump rope or skipping rope in this workout, but then again, runDisney has done a great job of making these workouts accessible to all Princes and Princesses, never requiring any workout equipment or special circumstances like a full gym. All you need to do the Tangled workout is a clear space and a way to view the Disney movie! (Think, television, tablet, or even your phone!)

When you’re done channeling your inner Maximus (let’s face it, his physique is enviable), the Training Tab on runDisney’s website has a lot more tips for race training, if you’re headed to a local race or the homespun virtual 5k series that runDisney puts on each summer. We can’t wait to see what theme it is this year! Our favorite official runDisney training consultant and Olympian Jeff Galloway has the advice we need to help us have our best race day ever.

As always, you’ll want to consult your personal doctor before you begin a new workout program or diet. We’re just trying to better ourselves, we’re not doctors! Stay safe out there finding your dream!

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Other Disney Workouts

When you’re done with this runDisney Tangled workout, try a few other finish line workouts like runDisney’s The Little Mermaid Workout to strengthen your royal training plan. We’ve got tabs on a few other runDisney workouts like the Beauty and the Beast workout. If you’re into more than a workout watch party, try the seriously active Disney HIIT hop series of Disney workout videos to burn up some calories.

Leave us a comment below if Rapunzel is your motivation to get moving and live your dream! 

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