Dear Disney+, please add an alphabetical list feature in your next update

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Now that Disney+ has been a staple in our lives for over a month we’ve had plenty of time to discover what there is to love from the newest streaming service. And we’ve found so many things that make this streaming service one of the best! From Disney Channel Original Movies to hit original series like The Mandalorian and The Imagineering Story, Disney+ seems to have everything Disney fans could ask for. (Although if you think something is missing there is a nifty way to put in a request to add it right in the app.)

While we’re thrilled that other features have started to pop up (like the option to pick up watching from where you left off), there is one noticeably missing enhancement we’d love to see on Disney+: Alphabetical listings of all available titles.

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For the most seasoned Disney fans, the search option and subcategories may be enough to navigate the service, but we can still think of plenty of instances when we’d love to have the option to simply scroll through an endless screen of A-Z titles. Those cozy nights in when you just have no idea what to watch? Skipping the genre selection would be perfect to choose from the entire selection of titles.

Viewers who are less familiar with Disney’s multiple franchises may switch on Disney+ with a certain show in mind but have little to no idea for where to look for it given the current organization of the service. Sure, the search option is always there, but for the family less familiar with the product they may not even know what they’re looking for. An alphabetical listing would surely eliminate some stress for the less intense Disney fans out there who are just getting into some of the movies and series available on the platform.

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And of course…we can’t be the only ones who simply enjoy scrolling through a list of whatever there is to see, can we? Sometimes it’s just a nice way to unwind, or somethings when you just don’t know what to watch, it’s easier to not think about it. Just select that A-Z button and you’re good to scroll to your heart’s content until something strikes your interest. We really love Disney+ so far (we’d be lying if we said Noelle did not get us through the holidays and we haven’t already spent countless hours catching up on 90s nostalgia.) All of these classic favorites plus new originals like High School Musical: The Musical: The Series have us all ready to keep watching throughout the New Year…we just need that alphabetical listing option.

While we wait for Disney+ to come around, we’ll be catching up on The World According to Jeff Goldblum, perhaps with brief interruptions for Forky Asks a Question. But this is one feature we are certainly hoping comes to fruition in 2020.

What do you think? Would you have an easier time using Disney+ if you could see all the titles in alphabetical order? Let us know in the comments!

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