New, Disturbing Details Emerge in the Jonathan Majors Case

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As Jonathan Majors garners more critical attention for his performance in Loki (2022-present), new details have emerged regarding the case where he is accused of assaulting his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

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For a while, actor Jonathan Majors was considered the next big star in Hollywood. After earning an Emmy nomination for his performance in Lovecraft Country (2020), Majors garnered attention and critical acclaim for performances in blockbuster films like Devotion (2022), Magazine Dreams (2023), and Creed III (2023) alongside Michael B. Jordan.

Soon, Majors would be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to portray Kang the Conqueror, the next major villain to face the Avengers. He would first play variants of the character in Loki and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023) before taking an even more significant role in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (2026) and Avengers: Secret Wars (2027).

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All of this momentum would come to a halt after Jonathan Majors was arrested in New York City on assault, strangulation, and harassment charges from a domestic dispute with his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. The allegation has since led to Majors losing a commercial deal with the United States Army as well as his representation with Entertainment 360 and the Lede Company.

Since then, there has been a whirlwind of testimonies and evidence claiming that Jabbari was the one who assaulted Majors, not the other way around. On top of that, Majors’ attorney, Priya Chaudhry, has claimed they have footage proving that Jabbari was not harmed. However, new details have emerged in the case that have painted the actor in a different light.

New News of a Police Incident Involving Majors and Jabbari in London

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In a new filing obtained by Variety, it has been revealed that prosecutors are attempting to obtain a copy of a filing with the London Metropolitan Police regarding a similar incident that took place in 2022. Jabbari, a United Kingdom citizen, lived in the area while Jonathan Majors was staying there, filming the Disney+ series Loki.

Although no report details have been revealed, it is believed to reference the medical care that Jabbari received. Her prosecutors believe this information will be relevant to the current case filed in New York. While this is huge, it is not the most shocking information obtained from the filing.

Jonathan Majors’ Legal Team Faces Troubling Accusations

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A significant piece of news recently claimed that Jonathan Majors’ accuser, Grace Jabbari, would be charged with assault against Majors in seven months. However, this new 115-page filing has condemned this report and alleged that Majors’ legal team leaked and misrepresented evidence to make the actor look better in the public eye.

Since the arrest was initially made, Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, has stated that the trial is a “witch hunt” and that her client is the victim. She claims that surveillance footage shows that Jabbari was “completely unharmed.” Naturally, Jabbari’s legal team disagrees.

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According to the prosecutors, the surveillance footage “actually shows Ms. Jabbari visibly upset, crying, and seeking help from strangers to get an Uber cab home.” On top of this, the prosecution claims that Chaudhry attempted to have police create a wanted poster featuring Jabbari’s face.

If these allegations are true, it only worsens things for the Marvel star. So much information has been presented to the public that it is hard to understand what is real and what is fabricated. Ultimately, we’ll only have some idea of the answers when the trial begins on October 25.

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