Disney Vlogger Outed for Filming in Restricted Areas, Stealing Emergency Meals From Guests

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Kyle Pallo, a Disney Vlogger, talking to his camera as he walks into Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Credit: Kyle Pallo YouTube

Disney Influencers bring the magic of the Disney Parks to fans at home. Through live streams, TikToks, Instagram reels, YouTube videos, and more, the social media stars make a living visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. But one Disney vlogger is accused of ruining the experience for fellow Guests.

Content creators are divisive – fans love them or hate them. Last year, fans petitioned to ban two Influencers from Disneyland Resort after they allegedly visited while sick with COVID-19. Though they produced negative tests, a former friend later revealed they asked her to lie about their illness amid the backlash. The petition gained more traction after the couple reportedly threatened another Influencer at Disneyland Park.

Exterior shot of Sleeping Beauty Castle
Credit: Disney

One Disney YouTuber sparked backlash after allegedly faking a disability to skip a line. Another vlogging family incited fury by “abusing” a Magic Kingdom walkway intended for Disney’s Contemporary Resort Guests.

This week, Disney Parks fans on Reddit focused their frustration on Kyle Pallo, a Disney Vlogger and social media content creator with over 186,000 YouTube subscribers. Every social media star has haters, but Pallo receives extreme vitriol after multiple incidents of alleged misbehavior.

Disney Vlogger Exploits a Hurricane

In 2022, Pallo stayed in a room at Disney’s Pop Century Resort during Hurricane Ian – despite living ten minutes from Walt Disney World Resort. Though many Central Floridians shelter at Disney Resort hotels during storms, fans took issue with Pallo’s lighthearted representation of his experience.

“It’s going to be scary times,” he said in a YouTube video. “so if you guys could, please go ahead and thumbs up this video and subscribe if you guys are new.”

Pallo bragged about getting the last discounted meal kit Walt Disney World Resort offered during storms. He later revealed a stockpile of food in his hotel room, leading many to accuse him of stealing the food from stranded travelers who didn’t have access to a grocery store before the hurricane hit.

Pop century cafe is madness. BUT I did get the last meal kit 🙂 

Pallo later told SF Gate that the sold-out Walt Disney World Resort hotel reservation belonged to family members who previously booked a trip but canceled due to the storm.

Villain-Con Minion Blast

Universal Orlando Resort fans also take issue with Pallo’s content. When Villain-Con Minion Blast opened in July, Pallo was among the first to test the walk-through attraction. But fans quickly noticed that he filmed the entire experience, which the Universal Park explicitly banned.

“LET’S GOOO WORLD’S FIRST EVER POV!!” Pallo wrote, boasting about his footage of the attraction.

“It was literally the first day of them doing this and they had signs all over saying no recording or filming of any kind in the ride,” u/tylersixxfive wrote. “This dude decided his view count was more important and filmed the entire ride and posted it. The Theme Park community in Florida was/is pretty annoyed by this.”

Kyle Pallo walking with his sister as they check out of a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.
Credit: Kyle Pallo YouTube

Many Theme Park fans used Pallo’s misbehavior to advocate for vlogging bans like the ones at Tokyo Disney Resort.

“Ban em all,” said u/DrImNotFukingSelling.

Should Disney Influencers and YouTubers be allowed at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments. 

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