Disney Character Actor Publicly Mocked as Johnny Depp’s Career Tanks

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Left: Johnny Depp looking to the right as Jack Sparrow in 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' Right: A Disneyland character performer portrays Jack Sparrow on a balcony.

Credit: Disney (Left), Reddit user u/Mandow1990 (Right)

Johnny Depp still dominates public attention following his multi-million dollar defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard last summer. Though the actor was forcibly removed from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series, rumors swirl about his potential return to the series after his victory against the Aquaman (2018) star.

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Though The Walt Disney Company has no association with Depp, his likeness is still used in the Disney Parks. At Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, Depp’s version of Captain Jack Sparrow is represented in animatronic form on Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland. Additionally, character actors depicting Depp’s Jack Sparrow often roam near the ride and interact with Disney Park Guests.

pirates of the caribbean jack sparrow disneyland
Credit: Disney

This week, a Disneyland Park Guest (Reddit user u/Mando1990) shared a photo of Jack Sparrow on a balcony above Pirates of the Caribbean. It turned into a barrage of insults as Disney Parks fans expressed disappointment with the character’s appearance.

Guess who’s here!

Guess who’s here! from Disneyland

“Is that Ensign Jork Spearow?” wrote u/ktlevesque. “Lonny Jepp,” u/nerdy_J echoed. “Johny Rep,” said u/Lanky-Arm-4697.

“Is that Keith Richards??!?!” u/LoveForDisneyland joked.

Others joked about the Guest’s question. “That has to be Blackbeard!” u/TK-385 said. “Russel Brand?” asked u/boss-galaga.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
Credit: Disney

Though Depp insists he won’t return to Pirates of the Caribbean if asked, the actor hasn’t given up on other projects. He’s been spotted performing music with Jeff Beck in the U.K. and stars in the Netflix original La Favorite (2023), a French biographical film set to release later this year.

As for Captain Jack Sparrow, a slew of actors and actresses are rumored to replace the iconic pirate. Margo Robbie was initially slotted for the role but reportedly parted ways with the Disney franchise in late 2022. Another leaked report in 2022 alleged that Disney Plus was developing an animated Pirates of the Caribbean series, though it’s unknown if Jack Sparrow will return in that series.

Would you like to see Johnny Depp return to Pirates of the Caribbean as Captain Jack Sparrow?



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