Netflix Picks Up Johnny Depp’s Comeback Movie, Only Select Fans Can Watch

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Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney

The career of actor Johnny Depp is rebounding after a landmark defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard proved the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise actor wrongly convicted of domestic abuse and more. Now, Netflix is picking up Depp’s next feature film, but not every fan can watch it.

camille vasquez (left) and johnny depp (right) smiling in courtroom
Credit: ABC

Johnny Depp’s upcoming movie, La Favorite, an in-depth look at the life of King Louis XV,  is coming to Netflix France 15 months after its theatrical release, marking a new beginning for the famous Edward Scissorhands (1990) actor.

With the production of La Favorite, a French period drama chronicling the downfall of King Louis XV and birth of the French Revolution of 1789, reportedly taking place in Versailles, the former royal residency where King Louis VX held court, for three months with Johnny Depp at the helm of the Maïwenn Le Besco film, Depp continues to avoid mainstream Hollywood production companies at all cost.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
Credit: Disney

With Johnny Depp boycotting Hollywood after his immediate cancellations upon false physical abuse allegations from Aquaman (2018) actress Amber Heard, the Kentucky native is sticking to his new French roots and telling stories outside of the Tinsel Town mainframe.

While the acquisition of La Favorite by Netflix will help fund the production of Johnny Depp’s upcoming feature film, Netflix is not directly funding the project, nor will they be involved in the film’s overall execution. Rather, Netflix has agreed to license the streaming rights of La Favorite and host the picture on its French streaming servers 15 months after La Favorite’s theatrical debut.

johnny depp as jack sparrow in pirates of the caribbean
Credit: Disney

While there’s no official debut date, reports suggest that La Favorite is eyeing a 2023 theatrical debut, putting the Depp film onto Netflix by 2024.

With The Walt Disney Company reportedly moving forward with a reboot of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl and actress Margot Robbie taking the lead, countless fans are furious that the Public Enemies (2009) star won’t be able to send off his iconic character.

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