Fans Disgusted as Influencers Solicit Money While Sheltering at Disney Resorts During Hurricane Ian

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Hurricane Ian hit Walt Disney World Resort and the rest of Central Florida on Wednesday after a devastating landfall in Fort Myers, Naples, and other coastal cities. The storm reached one mile per hour short of Category Five winds.

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Walt Disney World ResortUniversal Orlando Resort, Orlando International Airport (MCO), and other Orlando attractions are closed Wednesday and Thursday. Disney announced that a phased reopening would begin on Friday.

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As of Tuesday, approximately 2.5 million Floridians were under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders. Florida locals have sheltered from hurricanes and tropical storms for decades at Walt Disney World Resort hotels. The Disney Park is well-known as one of the most sturdy, safest places to be. However, social media users are unhappy with some locals’ behavior during Hurricane Ian.

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Some Disney influencers and live streamers allegedly took money from fans while sheltering at Walt Disney World Resort hotels, with no plans to donate it to relief efforts. This caused a storm on Twitter, with many complaints from Disney fans like @hiItsAlyyy:

I just find it disrespectful for Disney tik tokers / “influencers” to be profiting from a f*ckin hurricane but that’s just me

@kingdomnbeyond agreed, mentioning that bloggers could unnecessarily be taking space from those truly needing shelter. (It’s important to note that Walt Disney World Resort stopped accepting new Resort hotel reservations and check-ins on Tuesday.):

Is anyone else annoyed at bloggers who are staying at WDW right now to cover the hurricane? Like, I’m assuming they’re locals, so why not go home and give up the space for someone who has a need?

Many fans also noted that unnecessarily staying at Walt Disney World Resort during the hurricane places a further burden on Disney Cast Members, who volunteer to work instead of being at home with their families. @DclDuo wrote:

And reduce the burden on cast so they can stay safe as well.

Some also said it was strange to cover hurricane procedures live, as it could prevent Disney Cast Members from doing their jobs. From @TheMouseAndMore:

There is something very odd about Influencers posting that they will be covering the Hurricane procedures at the resorts…like maybe just get out of the way and let the CM’s and emergency personnel do their job 

Of course, not all fans mind the coverage as long as Disney influencers don’t actively solicit money or gifts while sheltering at Walt Disney World Resort hotels. @andreajessica said:

I’m clearly in the minority about this but I don’t mind Disney bloggers being at the resorts and letting us know how WDW is faring. I want to see the pictures and know what is going on and I don’t view that as particularly click bait-y.

What do you think about those covering Hurricane Ian from Walt Disney World Resort? 

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