Disney Reveals Massive Perks Included With Whopping $5,000 Cocktail

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A Cast Member opens the $5,000 cocktail aboard the Disney Wish.

Disney recently sparked a massive debate online when the company unveiled an exclusive, overpriced cocktail sold aboard the company’s newest cruise shipThe Kaiburr Crystal drink will sell for a whopping $5,000 at The Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wishmaking it the most expensive drink in the galaxy and one of the most costly experiences the Walt Disney Company offers.

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This, of course, sparked thousands of responses and reactions among fans of the franchise and Disney Parks and Experiences. Even Universal Orlando Resort quickly joined the discussion, hilariously calling out the overpriced drink.

While many fans were eager to know the ingredients making this drink worthy of that whopping price tag, Disney initially refused to reveal more details on this out-of-this-world experience, as we reported. You can read more about this discussion here.

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However, today Disney finally decided to release the massive perks that will make fans of the Star Wars franchise actually consider spending $5,000 on this experience.

Scott Gustin (@ScottGustin) tweeted about the benefits this exclusive experience will include, starting with a visit to Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas’ movie ranch and workplace located in a secluded area near Nicasio, California, in Marin County, and a special themed escort off the Disney Wish.

The $5,000 Kaiburr Crystal on the #DisneyWish is an experience that also includes a visit to Skywalker Ranch and a special themed escort off the ship.

Here’s everything I was able to confirm:

The actual drinks served in a Camtono Case, seen in The Mandalorian, include one cocktail and three shots, as described by Scott:

The drink is 4 drinks/cups:

The cocktail:
Camus Cognac 4.16 | Disney Wish
– Yuzu and Kumquat
– Grand Marnier Quintessence

The 3 shots:
– Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 Year bourbon
– Taylor’s Kingsman Edition Very Old Tawny Port
– Watenshi gin

These four drinks come served in silver-plated cups Guests will be able to keep. Guests will also receive a Star Wars backpack, water bottle, other gifts, and a Hyperspace-themed room decoration.

All silver plated and you keep the 4 cups. You also get a Star Wars backpack, water bottle, other gifts, and a Hyperspace-themed room decoration.

The experience also includes a bottle of Sparkling wine from Skywalker Ranch and a voucher good for one person to visit the legendary location. Scott points out that the Camtono Case is NOT included with this package.

Also includes: A bottle of Sparkling wine from Skywalker Ranch.

You receive a voucher good for one person to visit Skywalker Ranch.

The Camtano is not included.

It is worth noting that Skywalker Ranch is not open to the general public, making this highly exclusive experience the best benefit included with the Kaiburr Crystal drink, only available in The Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge aboard the Disney Wish.

Skywalker Ranch is located near Nicasio, California, in Marin County and is not open to the public.

Although not many details were released regarding the escort off the ship, there surely will be an entertainment component to this experience, probably including some of the characters from the beloved Star Wars universe.

I wasn’t able to confirm the details of the escort off the ship (and exactly who is doing that escorting) – but there is definitely an entertainment component to this experience.

All these newly released perks make the drink much more attractive. While the experience won’t include a real lightsaber, as some fans commented when the drink was initially announced, the benefits included definitely make up for its jaw-dropping price tag.

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More on the Disney Wish

Disney Cruise Line’s fifth ship recently arrived at Port Canaveral in Florida after traveling nearly 4,768 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean from Bremerhaven, Germany. Captain Minnie and Mickey Mouse welcomed it.

Disney Wish at Port Canaveral
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Disney Wish will sail year-round from Port Canaveral, offering a series of three- and four-night Bahamas cruises to Nassau and Disney’s private island oasis, Castaway Cay, beginning July 14. For more information, visit disneycruise.com. The ship will be joining the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy, the Disney Magic, and the Disney Wonder in the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

We recently reported the ship would see Marvel’s newest superhero, Ms. Marveljoining forces with the Avengers on board the brand new Disney Cruise Line vessel in “Avengers: Quantum Encounter,” a first-of-its-kind dining experience that will allow Guests to be immersed in the MCU.

1923 on the Disney Wish tables
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The ship will also celebrate Walt Disney’s Legacy with two brand new dining venues, 1923 and Marceline Market. Each of these venues will celebrate a different aspect of Walt Disney’s Legacy, with 1923 commemorating the history of Walt Disney Animation through more than 1,000 drawings, props, and other tools of the trade, showcasing 16 Disney films that embody the ship’s themes of enchantment and wish fulfillment. Marceline Market will celebrate Walt’s most formative years, when he was a young boy growing up on a farm in Marceline, Missouri, and will be a casual, walk-up dining throughout the day, with ten food stalls themed to a beloved Disney animated story, from classics such as Alice in Wonderland (1951) to more recent films like Zootopia (2016).

Would you pay $5,000 for this Star Wars-inspired drink and experience? Let us know in the comments below! 

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