What’s Next For Cara Dune in ‘Star Wars’?

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Since this article was originally published, Lucasfilm announced that Gina Carano has been fired. Read more here.

Controversial Mandalorian actress Gina Carano, who has become known for her divisive opinions regarding social justice and political issues on Twitter, may be set for a huge role in Star Wars saga moving forward.

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Carano has played the no-nonsense Carasynthia Dune (AKA Cara Dune) in both seasons of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni’s The Mandalorian. The character’s Season 2 arc largely involved her decision to become a New Republic Marshal on Nevarro, at the behest of X-wing pilot Carson Teva (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee).

Just before The Mandalorian’s second season finale episode (“Chapter 16: The Rescue”), Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy announced a host of new Star Wars shows at the 2020 Disney Investor Day event. Among these were two Mandalorian spinoffs — Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic.

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Ahsoka, as Star Wars fans know, is set to follow Jedi Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) in a continuation of a Star Wars Rebels storyline as she searches the galaxy for Grand Admiral Thrawn and another Jedi Knight, Ezra Bridger.

Very little, however, is known about Rangers of the New Republic. Rumors indicate, though, that it will follow Cara Dune and her adventures as a Marshal — a literal Ranger of the New Republic.

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This has not been confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm, but it certainly make sense. Now, ScreenRant has pointed out just how big of a role Gina Carano’s Cara Dune could play as the Star Wars galaxy continues to expand:

It makes sense for the New Republic to base their models of government on ones that worked before [the Marshal system is similar to how the Jedi Order functioned in the High Republic era]. There is just one problem, however; at this point in time, there are precious few Jedi who could serve as Marshals. Consequently, the New Republic has been forced to adapt and appoint skilled individuals such as Cara Dune to serve as Marshals for now. No doubt they hope Luke Skywalker will eventually train enough Jedi to take over in the end.

For now, though, it means Cara Dune is effectively an heir to the Jedi Order itself. Serving as a Marshal, she has the same kind of influence and autonomy the Jedi enjoyed in the past, which explains why she proved so useful to Din Djarin in The Mandalorian season 2.

Credit: Lucasfilm

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Although we do not yet know for sure if the former Muay Thai and women’s MMA fighter will appear in Rangers of the New Republic or The Mandalorian Season 3 alongside Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) — or both series — it certainly seems like Favreau and Filoni are primed to bring Cara Dune back for the long haul.

Carano previously spoke out about about her desire to continue playing her Star Wars character:

“I’m in love with playing my character and I’m in love with the Star Wars community and the people that I’ve worked with and I’m in love with continuing to be a part of that and, um, I think that the only thing that I”m not in love with is ever being muted or silenced or told to not appreciate, um, certain fan groups and I think that in the future of Star Wars, there’s a future of all of us to have conversations instead of being so separate. 

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Her co-stars, seemingly, would also be happy about the decision for Carano’s tenure with the Star Wars franchise to continue. Pascal, Katee Sackhoff (Bo-Katan Kryze), Carl Weathers (Greef Karga), and Ming-Na Wen (Fennec Shand) have all spoken out in support of the actress.

The Star Wars fan community (and Twitter users who follow Carano) are split about whether or not they want to see more Cara Dune moving forward. Some would like Disney to fire Gina Carano over her controversial Tweets, while others love the actress and her passionate stance regarding her beliefs.

What do you think? Should Cara Dune become a major Star Wars character within The Mandalorian saga?

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