Comments for What’s Next For Cara Dune in ‘Star Wars’?

gina carano as cara dune

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. shoopdawhoop

    You sure about that, guys?

  2. Matt

    She is in hyperdrive to Unemployment Planet

  3. Marvin Straight

    This did not age well.

    1. Patrick

      Like the finest of heavy creams on the hottest of days.

  4. Alan

    A movie directed by Bryan Singer or Joss Whedon>

    1. Todd


  5. Syndiciate


  6. Ctrooper2018

    They’re going to regret making that boneheaded decision to fire her for not only criticizing the left, but also sympathizing with the right. The other actor got off scott-free for insulting Trump-supporters for calling them Nazis, but when Carano points out how history is repeating itself, she gets booted out.

    At this point, the only REAL rule is “Left is pure, Right is irredeemably evil, regardless of actions or justice, END OF DISCUSSION!!!!”!

    This country is turning Commie-Nazi and it’s not even subtle! It’s only a matter of time before we fall like Rome.

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