From Pups to People: ‘Bluey’ Explores Deeper Connections in Season 4

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Three cartoon dogs, a brown and white dog named Bluey, a black and white dog, and a red dog, stand on a wooden platform in a grassy field with a clear sky.

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It’s often been said that Bluey is a show about parenting that kids can watch, too, but that statement might have more truth than some might realize. While it might be a long while before we see a fourth season of the beloved Australian animated series, it’s clear that the show might be taking a more mature direction.

Bluey using a typewriter
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At the time of writing, little has been said about season 4 other than Joe Brumm and the creators at Ludo Studios are far from finished with Bluey. That said, the previous two episodes gave us something to work with in terms of charting the series’ next move.

Although its intended audience is that of Bluey and Bingo’s age, the show has proven multiple times that the adults and parents in the room could also stand to learn a thing or two.

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If the events of “The Sign” are anything to go by, hardcore Bluey buffs have reason to believe that focusing on relationships and other deep social connections might serve as the primary focus. As Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of the cast grow and evolve as they’ve been doing, so too will how they interact with the world around them.

This Episode of Bluey is Called “Relationships”

Two screenshots from the animated show *Bluey* feature anthropomorphic blue dogs. The left image shows one dog in ancient Egyptian attire holding a towel with another dog. The right image depicts two dogs standing outside, seemingly in a debate, with a tent in the background.
Credit: Inside the Magic

Whether it’s for its brand of storytelling, sensible approach to sensitive subject matter, or sense of realism in a cartoon world, there’s no denying that Bluey is one of the most emotionally mature shows on Disney+, Disney Junior, or streaming in general. Which is precisely why both kids and grownups are so hooked.

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Because the show relies on these strengths, it approaches complex subjects in a tangible way that kids can understand and that parents can engage in dialogue. That’s also why the speculated divorce episode could break down the barrier and allow for more relationship-focused storylines.

Stripe and Trixie arguing in Bluey
Credit: Ludo

If you’ve been following our coverage, you’ll know that many fans predict a potential episode that focuses on Uncle Stripe and Aunt Trixie getting divorced or separated. This is mainly due to the conflicts observed in separate episodes, although the fact that Stripe seems to have a bit of a drinking issue has also been suggested.

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With that in mind, it’s not the first time the series has tackled the importance of relationships (both romantic and platonic). Since it’s been shown that the characters are and will continue to age, the way they socially interact will continue to change as well. Moreover, this isn’t just for Bluey and Bingo either.

Thank You For Being a Friend

Bingo and Lila slide in Bluey season 3
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It’s already been established that the series will focus on some of Bluey’s other friends, and many of the show’s past episodes, like “Army,” “Wild Girls,” and “Stories,” clearly do just fine without her. Expanding on those friendships seems to be not only the most logical step but also the one with the most story potential.

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Additionally, the parents in the show have proven time and time again that they clearly have a story to tell. With episodes like “Cafe” and “Stickbird,” the grownups are far from the flat characters seen in other forms of children’s media, making for much more interesting episodes.

Friendships, relationships, and social connections are integral parts of life, and Bluey is the perfect vehicle to explore those concepts in a unique way. If the rumors are true and the creators are interested in pushing for longer episodes, why not use that extra time to develop such a beloved cast of characters further?

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