Alcoholism and Hangovers Introduced in New ‘Bluey’ Episode

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Stripe drunk in Wendy's bush

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This week, Bluey buffs everywhere were treated to the long-awaited wedding episode, “The Sign.” While many viewers were undoubtedly mesmerized by the marriage of Rad and Frisky, many were surprised at the drama going on behind the scenes.

A cheerful group of animated dogs, including Bluey, with flower crowns happily posing together for a picture.
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After overcoming their communication conflicts and the saga of selling the Heeler’s house, which came to a successful end, the beloved family of cartoon canines celebrated the wedding of the year. During the event, one new development shocked many viewers, as it seemed one marriage might end where another begins.

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Uncle Stripe and Aunt Trixie have been the secondary parents in the series for a long while, typically seen whenever the story heavily features Muffin and Socks. However, their interactions before and during the wedding might suggest a divorce, and fans might know why.

Bluey Talks Drinking and Divorce

Bluey wedding in black and white
Credit: Inside the Magic

The show is no stranger to tackling heavy subjects, some episodes even rendering parents into a sobbing mess, but the fact that something as serious as divorce territory could affect someone this close to the four main Heelers is more than a little unexpected. The question is, why?

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Inside the Magic recently covered the evidence pointing toward a divorce seen in episodes like “Faceytalk” and “The Decider,” as well as the analysis from @world.shaker‘s video post, but other fans pulled together after seeing how unhinged Uncle Stripe’s behavior was. u/TheSleepiestFish shares several images from the episode that show Stripe going absolutely buck-wild during the wedding reception.

“Classic Stripe?”

I absolutely can’t with Stripe in the sign. Since when did his personality become more unhinged? 😂
byu/TheSleepiestFish inbluey

Many other users quickly point out the image of someone’s uncle, cousin, relative, or whatever having too much to drink and getting more than a little rowdy afterward. Some stereotypes are based on truth, after all. However, it might also be the reason for the confrontation between Stripe and Trixie.

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Given the relationship struggles seen in “Faceytalk,” the more logical assumption would be that maybe the fight seen during the wedding isn’t the first time the two have butted heads. However, seeing how Stripe was behaving on and off the dance floor, getting in the way of the bridal bouquet, and that she left him at his brother’s house to crawl drunkenly out of Wendy’s bushes the following morning, Trixie might have had enough.

Granted, this is all still speculation, and nothing will be officially set in stone until Bluey launches a fourth season on Disney+ and Disney Junior. However, Joe Brumm and the rest of Bluey’s creative team are notorious for their gift of background storytelling. It’s safe to say that the semi-unnoticed conflict won’t have consequences in a future episode.

Does Stripe have a drinking problem, or are we grasping at straws? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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