‘Bluey’ to Become Adult Series for Season 4

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Bluey as an adult dog

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave or without a Disney+ subscription, you’ve likely heard the name “Bluey” quite a lot in recent weeks. As the show’s third season came to a close, the fanbase is collectively wondering what’s next for the beloved blue heeler.

Bluey and her family dance at a wedding.
Credit: Ludo Studio

Inside the Magic recently covered how longer and more developed Bluey episodes were likely the next step in the show’s evolution. Even Bluey creator Joe Brumm shared an interest in expanding the series before “The Sign” premiered with its massive 28-minute runtime, four times the size of the typical episode. However, recent developments suggest that the creators at Ludo Studios won’t stop there.

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It’s often been said that Bluey is a show about parenting that kids can watch too, and that’s not an unfair assessment. However, as more and more adults (with and without children) fall under the intoxicating allure of everyone’s favorite blue cartoon dog, it might be the case that the show evolves with its audience… In more ways than one.

Bluey Grows Up

Bluey and Chilli underneath a double rainbow
Credit: Ludo Studios

It’s no secret that the show has had a tremendous impact on viewers of all ages, but Bluey’s adult fans have been a particularly vocal demographic. As the older audience increases, it might be in the show’s best interest to make them feel more involved. Although the prime audience consists of those around Bluey and Bingo’s age, the series hasn’t shied away from a wealth of adult material.

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Yes, it’s true that Bluey isn’t above its fair share of adult humor (talking about you, Uncle Stripe). However, the show repeatedly introduces heavier concepts that will undoubtedly affect the main cast and the audience watching. If the show is truly to expand into a 30-minute format, it makes sense that the characters would have time to grow as well.

“For Real Life?”

Bluey with a shocked expression
Credit: Ludo Studio

If you’re anything like this writer, you’ll know that the beloved series has storytelling down to a science. Since day one, the audience has seen the Heeler family evolve and even age with each episode. It’s safe to say that the characters seen in “Magic Xylophone” are completely different from those seen at the end of “Surprise,” but who’s to say Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of their friends won’t progress with the next season?

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The show’s main cast grows, evolves, and ages as the episodes progress. We see Bluey go from six to seven years old, see Bingo enter kindergarten, and we are even treated to an adult variant of Bluey in “Surprise.” Based on Ludo’s commitment to the canon, the supposed fourth season might move things along and attract an older audience.

In the same way that shows like Adventure Time and Avatar: The Last Airbender feature their characters aging in real-time, so does Bluey. While we might not see Bluey save the Land of Oo or Bingo master Fire Bending, we might see older versions in the near future. With the announced spinoff series focusing more on the canine-infested Brisbane rather than the show’s lead, fans might see just how much the show plans to change sooner rather than later.

Do you think Bluey will shift its focus as the show evolves? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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