‘Bluey’ “Miniseries” Confirmed, Season 4 in Limbo

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Bluey and Chilli underneath a double rainbow

Credit: Ludo Studios

Season 3 might be all tied up in a neat little blue bow, but Bluey is far from finished. Although fans are still waiting with bated breath for a fourth season, they might have to hold out a little longer, but they won’t be empty-handed.

Bluey and her family dance at a wedding.
Credit: Ludo Studio

Both “The Sign” and “Surprise,” particularly the former, were absolute triumphs for the series. Now that the season is over and Joe Brumm and the rest of the creative team at Ludo Studios are set to take their previously announced hiatus, many fans are left with that oh-so-familiar question: “What comes next?”

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While it might be some time before we see any developments on season 4, more Bluey is coming between now and then, one Bluey influencer and Tiktok/YouTube creator shared the following update in a recent post below.

Bluey Will Be Back… Kind Of


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It has long been predicted that Bluey herself would be taking a backseat to allow some of the other characters that make up the show’s supporting cast step into the spotlight. The creator above also cites an interview with Kate O’Connor from the BBC who let slip the news of a spin-off miniseries in the Bluey podcast, Gotta Be Done

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@aussiegirlmargie’s video echoes the thoughts of many fans, especially since the show’s producers and creators hinted at expanding the show’s focus months ago, such as extending the show’s theme to include the likes of Snickers, Muffin, Socks,Winton, Pom Pom, and Rusty. While it’s still ambiguous as to what the new shorts will be like, exploring Bluey’s world is undoubtedly a smart way to go. The announcement was also shared on Twitter/X, confirming the minisodes’ length and expansive cast.

Across the Blueniverse?

Explorers episode of Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studios

If there’s one thing hardcore Bluey buffs know how to do, its how to pay attention. The show is notorious for utilizing background action to create surprisingly full narratives.

“The Sign” gave a 15-episode background plot a triumphant resolution as it confirmed the fanbase’s suspicions about Winton’s dad and the Terriers’ mum. With that level of attention, it’s safe to assume that the miniseries could pull similar narratives to the foreground.

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Bluey will always be the show’s main attraction, but that’s not saying there isn’t an interest in other characters. As demonstrated in episodes like “Army,” “Wild Girls” and “Cricket,” the beloved blue heeler isn’t the only cartoon dog with a story to tell. With such a large cast that the show already has, the creators have a full palette of elements to paint with.

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It might be a long while before fans get full, possibly longer episodes of Bluey but it’s a tremendous comfort to know they won’t go without while the artists and animators take a well-deserved rest. With any luck, Bluey and her buddies will take viewers on some new adventures that further explore her animated world.

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