‘Bluey’ Creator Confirms Underaged Drinking in Recent Episode

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Bingo scared of something in Bluey

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The last three episodes of Bluey all came out swinging for our emotions with chrome-plated baseball bats and have certainly given viewers even more of a reason to be sucked into this intoxicating show. However, the cute cartoon dogs and chill environment might not be the only “intoxicating” factors.

Ending of Flatpack in Bluey
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It’s often been said that Bluey is a show made for parents and adults that kids can watch too, but many might be surprised at just how much adult humor the series features for three seasons. Viewers won’t find any dirty words or overly suggestive humor (“Are ya ready, Bob?”), However, some of the implications of the adult characters’ extracurricular activities might give some pause.

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Play much has been theorized about what characters like Bandit and Chilli do outside of their parental roles, such as them being part of an archaeological smuggling ring or even being swingers, but Bluey creator Joe Brumm recently confirmed one theorized element. It seems like these canine parents aren’t exactly the shining examples some fans might think.

WARNING: Spoilers for “The Sign” beyond this point!

This Episode of Bluey is Called “Why Mom Drinks”

Chilli and Trixie drinking lemonade in Bluey
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During “The Sign,” Chilli, Bluey, Bingo, Socks, and Muffin embark on a quest (sans curry) to find a distraught Frisky before the wedding. Their trail leads them to The Lookout at Mount Coot-tha, where Chilli drops a very interesting throwaway line.

She says,

“This is the lookout. Frisky and I used to come up here as teenagers too, um, think…”

Any casual watcher might think this is just a gag line, but those in the cult of the cartoon dog know that the creators rarely throw anything away. Since the episode dropped weeks ago, fans have already speculated just what sort of “thinking” Chilli and Frisky got up to in their teenage years.

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Many fans shared their thoughts on the r/Bluey subreddit about what they believed went on at the Lookout before the parents were parents, and let’s just say… there might have been a bit more than “smoochy kissing” going on. However, Bluey’s creator basically pulled back the curtain during an episode of Gotta Be DoneBluey podcast.

What Happened at the Lookout?

Chilli on the hunt in Bluey
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During the tail end of the episode, hosts Mary Bolling and Kate McMahon had a rapid-fire Q&A session with Brumm, during which he not only confirmed that they went up to the lookout to drink but shared where the idea came from. When asked about Chilli and Frisky’s past and if it was difficult to get the line past the editors, the creator said,

“No they’re a bit of an easy ride on this, that was stolen from The Simpsons though, I can confirm that. I think there’s a line where [Homer] says, ‘I have to do some thinking.” and then Bart says, ‘I think he means drinking.'”

While certainly not the most scandalous answer, it’s still fascinating to see the creator himself confirm many fans’ suspicions. Additionally, this isn’t the first time viewers have seen characters under the influence.

Stripe drunk in Wendy's bush
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Fans have called the episode “Whale Watching” out for being a morning-after scenario in which Bandit and Chilli are nursing hangovers after a New Year’s party, likely thanks to the line about Chilli “dancing on a table.” Furthermore, “The Sign” might have featured some rather destructive behavior from Uncle Stripe, as he acted utterly unhinged during the reception before being found in a stupor the following day.

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Humor like that doesn’t mean that Bluey is suddenly taking a dark turn, but it does solidify the characters as flawed, lovable, and realistic individuals who have a sense of relatability not often seen in other children’s media. In the end, isn’t that all part of Bluey’s charm?

What do you think Chilli and Frisky were up to? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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