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Bingo scared of something in Bluey

Credit: Disney/Ludo


  1. Rim

    Lmao someone’s trying *hard* to be a bluey hater 🤣 JFC

    1. Corrine

      That’s exactly what I was thinking 😂

    2. Australia

      You’re idiots. Where are the words “underage” used in the interview? Teenagers can be 18 or 19.

      1. Devin

        Well in this context, I would guess they mean underage for America as the drinking age is 21 and no longer teenagers at that point. The article probably originated from there.

  2. Stepheny

    I don’t really like that they having little hints about drinking on the show but lots of people drink. you have to have some real life situations on bluey as well I guess. Can’t hate the show it is my child’s favorite show.

    1. UltraVulture

      The guys get pretty sloppy by the end of stumpfest. It’s pretty obvious that they are drinking alcohol the entire time.

  3. andi

    Lol they didn’t go up there to drink 🤣 there went up there to smoke 🥦

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