A Dog House Divided: ‘Bluey’ Tackles Divorce in Latest Season

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Shortly after the events of “The Sign,” it’s been heavily implied that season four of Bluey will take a darker turn and introduce viewers to the subject of divorce. However, it won’t be the first time.

Bluey and her family dance at a wedding.
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If you’ve been a part of the Heeler clan for the past three seasons, you’ll undoubtedly know that Bluey is practically infamous for taking on a litany of complex and mature subjects for a show meant primarily for children. While that’s easily one of the show’s biggest selling points, a light and peppy episode about playing pretend can come with a cold splash of reality (we’re talking about you, “Copycat”).

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During Uncle Rad and Aunt Frisky’s wedding reception, it is shown that Uncle Stripe and Aunt Trixie are going through some sort of conflict, and it’s not the first time the pair have butted heads either. While the fanbase seems to believe we’re looking at a new episode about the reality of separation/divorce, they might be a little late to the ballgame.

“The Decider” Softly Brings Divorce to Bluey

Bluey Watching a Rugby Match
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The show’s third season was absolutely packed to the gills with moving episodes, but one of the biggest standouts, in this writer’s opinion, was “The Decider.” The episode’s official page offers the description below.

“Lucky’s Dad, Lucky, and Chucky have come over to the Heelers’ house to watch a rugby final together. Everyone at the Heelers is supporting the Maroons, but Lucky’s Mum has stayed at home next door to support the Blues.”

Choosing which sports team to root for might not be the most life-shattering decision one has to make, but the way the show essentially treats it like a custody situation shouldn’t go unnoticed. Chucky being semi-pressed into choosing one team over the other easily mirrors choosing between mum or dad, and it definitely affects the young pup.

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Granted, this is definitely a Disney way of introducing the idea, but the subject of divorce isn’t something the show has avoided. Listen to how Winton talks about his parents in the episode “Helicopter” if you have any doubts.  Either way, this episode should be considered mandatory viewing if the studio goes down that road.

Why It Matters

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An unfortunate truth that many in Bluey’s audience face is that they might have to wrestle with this issue. According to the AACP, half of all marriages end in divorce, and a large portion of said marriages include children. Softening the blow with the rugby match metaphor could serve as a gentle platform before potentially watching Trixie and Stripe go through the same thing.

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Part of why Bluey is so successful is that it has a sense of reality that few shows possess, and that includes unpacking difficult life events. While it might not make the pain go away, episodes concerning the subject of divorce, death, or other permanent changes in a child’s world offer the opportunity for parents and kids to have a conversation and an opportunity to make the transition easier. What else can be said but “Good one, Bluey.”

Have you used Bluey to address a big event in your life or your child’s life? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments below!

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