Disney Resort Faces Lawsuit, Multiple Children Hospitalized

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Despite being a premiere Disney Resort, Aulani in Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii, is facing a class action lawsuit regarding dangerous conditions that have allegedly sent multiple children to the hospital.

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There’s nothing quite like a vacation at a Disney Resort. The most recognized is probably Walt Disney World Resort. Not only does it have access to theme parks like the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, but there are countless other experiences, like Disney Springs, Coronado Springs, Saratoga Springs, the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, and the Typhoon Lagoon water park.

On the West Coast, people can visit the classic Disneyland Resort, home to Disney’s California Adventure and, well, Disneyland. On top of that, there’s Downtown Disney for dining and shopping and incredible hotels like the Grand Californian, the Paradise Pier Hotel, and the iconic Disneyland Hotel.

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However, incredible Disney experiences aren’t just located in the continental United States. Not only are the standard theme park resorts, like Tokyo Disney Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, or Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, but there are plenty of places meant for simple relaxation, like Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Of all the different Disney experiences, one of the highlights is Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa. Not only does Aulani have access to a gorgeous beach, but it offers numerous character experiences, delicious food, and multiple pools. However, these pools have become a source of controversy for the Walt Disney Company.

Disney Resort Sued Over Dangerous Pool Conditions

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Every Disney location is meant to be a safe space for families of all kinds to enjoy their vacation. However, a recent class action lawsuit against Disney Aulani is showing that things might be more dangerous around the resort’s pools.

According to Scott and Danielle Thompson, their family visited the resort in March when their then-10-year-old child slipped and fell at the Waikolohe Pool. This fall resulted in the family making a trip to the emergency room at The Queen’s Medical Center-West O’ahu, where their child received stitches to close a wound on the back of their head.

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The class action lawsuit claims that Disney “…should provide adequate warnings prior to and at the time of their arrival that its grounds are particularly slippery, and that it has failed to apply anti-slip products and/or technology on the ground to decrease the likelihood of slips and falls.”

While it is certainly surprising to hear about a resort built around pools and near water, what’s even more shocking is that the doctor told the Thompsons that they have seen multiple children come into the emergency room from the resort with the same problems. In fact, these issues may go back for almost a decade.

Allegedly, This Has Been Happening For Years

Children playing in a splash zone at Disney Aulani
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According to the class action lawsuit, Disney has known about this problem but has not done proper maintenance or applied an anti-slip surface to remedy the slipping problem. In fact, complaints about these dangerous conditions can be traced back to at least 2013.

According to TripAdvisor reviews of Aulani, one of the major complaints about the resort is how slippery the pool areas are. Numerous reviews, positive and negative, make note of the slippery conditions and even tell stories of how poorly the staff have handled the situations.

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“I’ve been around Disney pools for years and have never seen a problem like this,” said one positive review. “Something has to be done, or someone will get seriously injured.” Another more negative take spoke to their injury and warned potential guests, “If you are planning a trip, BE CAREFUL!!! Disney will ignore your injuries and blame you… Shame on Disney for treating guests this way.”

Needless to say, this is a bad look for Aulani and the Walt Disney Company, especially if this was a problem that could have been solved ten years ago. Disney needs to bring this resort back up to code and rectify it immediately.

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