Disney Guest Suffers Bloody Injury, Sliced Open in Theme Park

in Walt Disney World

Pandora World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

A Walt Disney World Resort Guest recently suffered an injury in an unsuspecting theme park location, according to reports.

Known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” Disney World takes its Guests to lands and through attractions that simply can’t be experienced anywhere else. Whether you’re at Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, you’re sure to have a magical and memorable time.

Tree of life at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney

While Disney Park Guests are focused on having fun and making memories, Disney Cast Members are hard at work, ensuring that Guests are safe during their visits. While accidents can happen from time to time that result in bodily injuries to Guests, Disney World is considered one of the safest places on earth because of its added security presence and its attention to detail. However, that doesn’t mean that things can’t go wrong on rare occasions.

Over the last few years, there have been several reports of things not going as planned at Walt Disney World Resort. From incident reports that have included Guests being injured at attractions to bad Guest behavior that has resulted in fights, arrests, and trespasses from the property, there are plenty of examples to list. Most recently, a Disney World Guest reported that they were sliced open in a location that may be surprising to you.

Pandora -- World of Avatar at night
Credit: Disney

The Guests shared that they were visiting the bathroom at the World of Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. They accidentally hit their elbow on the toilet paper dispenser, resulting in blood beginning to pour down their arm.

“Somehow, I took a chunk out of my elbow,” they said. “I tried to clean it up in the sink but ended up having holding a paper towel to it as we looked for a CM to get a bandaid. They directed me to the FOP gift shop and to our shock, told us we would have pay almost $3.00  for a pack of bandaids or walk up to first aid which is way up by the Tree. I’m literally bleeding infront of them, you’d think biohazard issues they would be like, ‘let’s get you cleaned up. .” 

The Guest said that they were directed to First Aid if they did not want to purchase bandaids from the Flight of Passage gift shop. However, with First-Aid being located at the front of the Park where the Tree of Life is located, they decided to “tough it out” and go on Flight of Passage. Afterward, they went to First Aid and were told that the cut was deep enough that they could go to the Emergency Room.

“They said it was deep and bad enough that if I wanted to go to the ER, they would definitely stitch it up,” they said. “We opted out because of the expense, but it’s insane this all happened. Who would expect to get injured in a Disney bathroom?”

Disney's Animal Kingdom
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

Ultimately, the Guest elected not to go to the hospital, and the First Aid Cast Members were able to assist them. Disney Cast Members have trained protocol when it comes to handling injuries, no matter where they are sustained. If you suffer an injury, please find the nearest Cast Member, and they can direct you to First Aid to get the help you need.

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