Guest Shares Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Flight of Passage Shocking Fans

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flight of passage behind the scenes

Avatar — Flight of Passage is easily one of the most popular rides at Walt Disney World Resort. The Pandora-themed attraction draws Guests in each and every day and typically has over an hour wait time — if not two hours.

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Guests who experience Flight of Passage have the opportunity to ride on the back of a banshee and explore the world of Pandora. If you’ve never been on the attraction, Guests place their belongings into the cubbies on the back wall and then board a motorcycle-type seat. Once the ride begins, the wall in front opens up and Guests are emerged into Pandora.

One Guest is sharing a behind-the-scenes video of the ride, revealing that Guests are actually beneath you, above you, next to you, and even what happens with your stuff while the ride goes on.

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Flight of Passage operates similar to Soarin’ at EPCOT, meaning there are three levels that hold Guests inside the theater, which a lot of people did not realize according to the comments in a recently shared video.

The TikTok video shares behind-the-scenes footage of Flight of Passage, revealing what the theater looks like.

You can see the video below or by clicking here.


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If you have never ridden on the back of a banshee at Avatar — Flight of Passage, Walt Disney World describes this thrilling attraction as:

Board your own mountain banshee and embark on a thrilling expedition, where interstellar explorers like you get an up-close look at this moon’s incredible landscape.

Bonding with a banshee is a crucial step in the life of a Na’vi hunter on Pandora—and flying on the back of one of these powerful creatures is an important rite of passage.

Now, as a visitor to Pandora, you finally have the chance to test yourself like a Na’vi!

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