Disney Park Fed Up, Bans Strollers

in Disneyland Paris

A gray no stroller sign at Disneyland Paris as a Disney strollers crackdown begins.

Credit: @DLPReport

Measure your Disney strollers and make sure they’re parked in the right place. A crackdown has begun.

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Disney Parks worldwide started banning large strollers and wagons in the last few years as Disney strollers grew larger. Fights broke out over strollers taking up space, and many guests felt the theme parks were “overrun.”

In an attempted compromise, Walt Disney World Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, and Disneyland Resort all instituted wagon bans and size requirements for personal strollers. Parents with excluded pushchairs must purchase a Disney Stroller Rental or go without.

Guests gather around the castle at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

But some fans want the Disney Parks to go further as parents regularly leave strollers in restricted areas instead of stroller parking. Disney Parks are trying their best to please both childless adults and families.

Disneyland Paris Resort added new signs around Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios Park this week. Instead of just pointing to baby stroller parking, the Disney Park installed banners and chains to prevent families from leaving their pushchairs in forbidden areas.

“Pushchairs and small trolleys/wagons smaller than 92cm x 132cm are accepted but must be left outside the attractions and the theatres notably for safety reasons,” the Disneyland Paris Resort rules state.

Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure at Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus
Credit: Disney

@DLPReport shared a photo of the attempted rule enforcement in action.

“A ‘No Stroller Parking’ flag at Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure,” the guest wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Let’s see if it helps!”


Fans aren’t optimistic that signs will stop rule-breaking at Disneyland Paris, where guest behavior is notoriously declining. (Ironically, an abandoned pushchair is pictured just steps away from multiple “no stroller” banners.)

“Of course it won’t, cos some people cannot either read, take direction, listen, understand or be civil 🤔😏” @leetaylor82 replied.

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