Disneyland Guests Fight Over Strollers on Transport – Should They Get Priority Over Adult Guests?

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Guests of all ages are welcome at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. Walt Disney wanted Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort to be places where parents could have fun with their children and adults could have fun together.

But conflict naturally occurs in a place with so many diverse Guests, even “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Some Guests believe those without young children should prioritize parents and kids, while many adult Guests feel just as entitled to enjoy the Disney Parks as parents with children.

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Recently, Disney Parks fans got into a heated debate about saving room for strollers on Disneyland Resort transit, such as parking trams and the Monorail. Folding strollers – different from the kind available through Disneyland’s stroller rental program – fit best in the front of the Disneyland Parking Trams, where two rows face one another. u/ClawBadger was frustrated that families and adult Guests without strollers used that space.

“Maybe this is an unpopular opinion. There’s plenty of space in the rest of the tram, but for those of us with a stroller, we need the space,” they said. They were met with overwhelming backlash, even from other parents.

A group of people around each other on a parking tram.
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“No, plan better. You aren’t any more special than anyone else at the parks,” u/FlynnLivesTron wrote. “Signed a parent with a stroller that uses whatever row has the shortest line.”

“No. Unless there’s a rule stating only strollers, then anyone can sit there,” u/Advanced_Cranberry_4 said.

“Hard no, it’s a stroller…not a wheelchair or medical device,” u/vmarzzzz agreed.

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But others suggested giving the frustrated parent more grace. “It’s common courtesy!” argued u/petrgonz.

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Still, most fans called the Guest “entitled” and said there are dozens of reasons someone might need extra space other than using a stroller.

“If you don’t have long legs, don’t sit in the front of the tram. There’s plenty of space in the rest of the tram, but those of us with long legs, we need the space. Thanks,” u/iwannamakethat joked.

Should the front row of Disneyland Resort parking trams be reserved for strollers? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments. 

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