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A gray no stroller sign at Disneyland Paris as a Disney strollers crackdown begins.

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  1. Janice

    It’s supposed to be a child friendly place. CHILD If there isn’t enough parking for strollers, make more parking. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Liliana, Queen of Darkness

      Parking can’t be made up if there’s no space for it. What do you want them to make, a stroller parking garage? After a certain age, children should be walking anyway.

      1. Edward

        After a day in the Parks, kids become very tired and cranky. If you want to have a pleasurable day they NEED to ride for most of the day. Unless they’re over 6 or so. Do you have kids? You’d know that feeling of frustration if you did!

    2. Linda Camacho

      Should that come from walkways? From the exhibits themselves? Where would the space come from? The problem is simply that people are ignorant and think the rules are not for them.

      1. Tamra

        I agree. I was just at WDW. I saw “children” in strollers that had to be 10, 11, 12 or older. They need to be walking. They are old enough. The worst was two petit ladies who were taking turns pushing each other in a double Mickey rental stroller! Really?! Yes, it is a lot of walking and standing. So, you plan your day accordingly with breaks and shows so that no one gets too tired.

    3. Child friendly? Family friendly?
      People friendly?
      Na, just money friendly.

  2. RTM

    Now if they would crack down on the fake “disabled” (overweight) people on the ECV’s then people could walk around without getting ran over or beeped at. They also act like the park is just for them. BAN STROLLERS AND ECV’S and Disney will once again be the Happiest Place on Earth

    1. Linda Camacho

      Try carrying a three or four yar old for six hours, and get back to us.

      1. Meh

        If a child has legs, they should walk.

      2. Teal Bicycle

        A three or four year old won’t remember the trip anyway. People should wait until kids are able to walk that much, and actually take it in and remember.

    2. Jason


    3. Anne480

      I can kind of understand, they should have more of an area where the kids and strollers can go but infants and small children do not belong at disneyland. Or Disney world.

    4. Teal Bicycle

      Great! Now… are they ‘disabled’ because they’re overweight, or are they overweight because they’re disabled? Who gets to decide? You? Do you seriously look at that big guy in the ECV and think “I bet he’s faking not being able to bend his legs! That other lady is faking being a heart attack survivor!”

      C’mon, now.

      What is true is that Disney is a victim of their own level of guest accommodation. There is not enough ‘Disneyworld’ to go around.

    5. Becky

      It’s not always overweight people that are disabled. And overweight people do have disabilities with bad knees, hips and etc. I’m not to judge them. It could happen to you one day. I am a small petite person who is disabled. I have had 8 spine surgeries and a rare nerve disorder in both legs. I can walk but not long distance. I need an ECV to get around WDW. Please don’t be judgemental of others. One day it could be you needing an ECV. Just drive slowly and carefully when in a crowd.

    6. I have news for you I’m a disabled Veteran who enjoys the park but due to service connected disabilities I can’t walk long distances, the ECV is the only way I can enjoy the park. I don’t feel that me or other disabled people should not be allowed to visit the parks.

  3. Stephanie

    Yes I think they should. It is annoying to have strollers everywhere, I get that you need to get your kids around but park them in correct spots. Some people also use a stroller so they don’t have to carry there stuff, no kid using it- this needs to be stopped.

  4. Richard

    Strollers are a huge pain in the neck in the park, particularly during times when it is crowded. Double wide strollers should be banned.

  5. Cheryl

    Just got back from Walt Disney World. The size of some of these strollers are unbelievable. They take up the whole walkway. I feel there should be a size limit.

    1. Terry

      So tired of the complainers. No matter what it’s wrong. Funny how no one complained in the 50s and 60s. Now have a bunch of me, me, me self entitled jerks. Give the planet back to the apes.

    2. MARY

      There is a size limit. Larger than 31 inches width and 51 inches long not allowed. Been that way for a few years

  6. Liliana, Queen of Darkness

    What should also be banned are adults, that have no children, using strollers for their belongings. You ain’t got no kid, you don’t need a stroller. Period.

    1. Kimberly

      Um, Disney is a great place for adults. Don’t put us all in the same category with those that don’t want to actually carry their belongings and use a strollers. Disney does need an adult only day. I do love to see the little one’s face when they see their favorite character. I could do without the 13-18 year olds. So obnoxious most times.

  7. Laurie

    People should not complain about the stroller if a parent needs a stroller for their children then a parent has the right to get a stroller for their child. They should use it whole day or whenever they get ready to leave only charger $5 or nothing have sign up sheet.

  8. Jason

    Scooter gangs are next… These people are rude and will run you down!!

  9. Sheila

    We used to rent the small Disney strollers, so this wasn’t an issue for us. I think if people are being this rude, then Disney needs to impound the stroller in question and have the parent pick it up ag the Entrance/Exit. Of course, people will get mad. Too bad. Follow the rules and don’t be so self-centered.

  10. Christian

    I’ve been coming to Disney since I was 3 and never have my parents used a stroller. The whole fun of Disney is walking around and exploring.

  11. Kathy

    I think Disney should rent small portable strollers and eliminate parents bringing in strollers. Even if Disney charged or didn’t charge for these strollers, it would eliminate a lot of the above referenced problems.

  12. Carrie

    I did years ago withe three as a single mom. I also hiked up Vernal Falls trail at Yosemite with a 4 and 3 year old they handled both very. we knew their strengths, had plenty of water, plenty of rest breaks on park benches. Stroller parking outside Small World insane. Outside the Shoe
    w at Castle Fantasy Fair was never meant to be stroller parking but it is insane. And many stroller drivers don’t pay attention to the crowd can’t count how many times I got ran into by a stroller as a cast member working the parade.

  13. I understand using a stroller for kids that get exhausted. Parks are sometimes huge. I also understand people getting mad at people with strollers. I’m 66 now. Kids are grown, but we used them alot when we went places, because kids get tired. It’s a nightmare to have an exhausted kid that’s hot, tired, and hungry. Strollers get misused. Definitely. Used for stuff, animals, ect.. Maybe the solution is bring your kids when their older maybe? I don’t have a right or wrong answer.

  14. Free Walker

    If people wouldn’t get strollers the size of a small cars, there wouldn’t be an issue. Trying to get past Peter Pan and the Carousel during mid day is like rush hour on the 405. Good for Disney!

  15. Dorothy

    If a child is young enough to be in a stroller, IMHO they are too young to really understand, enjoy, or create memories of the experience. Also, many mommies pushing strollers feel entitled to roam freely with others having to make way. There are other elderly people, some using canes, who worry about getting bumped or knocked over by people who fail to respect or understand that older adults have needs also!

  16. Thadeous

    Parent: Hey kids remember that trip we took to Disneyland when you were in a stroller?

    Kids: No I was like 3

    Parent: Totally worth it

  17. Lotoia Parker

    I can see banning the big stroller but what if the child can’t walk be cause of a disability and a stroller is the only way to get around so the child can have the disney experience?

  18. Steven

    I blew out my knees in 2009 and have trouble standing or walking. So I use a scooter while at Disneyland, as it’s the only way for me to get around the park. I drive slowly and try to be considerant of others, but so many people will treat the buffer I leave between the scooter and the heels of the person in front of me as space to cut in, and oblivious entitled people with strollers (a minority of the stroller people but a notable one) are the worst. I’ve had to suddenly brake so many times because someone with a stroller (almost always a huge one) cut in front of me then stopped.

  19. Eda

    People need to park their strollers in the right areas i understand kids need them due to the walking and its a good place for a nice nap…i just came from disney fortunately there wasnt a problem when i went with my stroller and there were hundreds of them i also cut down on my walking by pre planning and noting down all the kid rides and areas to avoid walking to areas that were for older kids…side note: Disney is a family place which means KIDS are going to be there so these ADULT CHILDREN who have a problem with children need to take their behinds back home

  20. Misty Cushen

    As a mom, an oldest child, a psychology major, and someone who luckily got to experience WDW & DL several times growing up – yes, there is a limit to how old a child in a stroller should be. My daughter is about to turn 3, yes she can walk and for clarity sake she can remember a great deal. If we were to go to either DW or DL, she would be in her stroller.
    With that said, as an adult pushing a stroller you are responsible for being courteous and respectful to other park goers. It isn’t that difficult to apologize for the inconvenience to others, or politely wait while someone without a stroller walks by. Have some basic courtesy, decency, compassion and respect and everyone can enjoy the day.

  21. A child in a stroller isn’t old enough to understand a good portion of the park. Take them when a little older and they will enjoy and remember the experience.

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