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Welcome to your Walt Disney World Family vacation! If you have little ones, you’re most likely concerned with whether or not you need to rent a stroller at the Disney Parks. While many Disney Guests rent strollers, other like to bring their own or simply grab one in the parks when they need it. Together, we’ll take a look at the rules for strollers at Disney, what you can expect from a Disney Theme Park rental, and what to consider if you bring your own set of wheels!

Ready? Keep your feet in the stroller, we’re on a roll with our guide to renting a stroller at Disney World!

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Benefits of renting a stroller at Disney World

There are a few big benefits to renting a stroller at Disney World. Of course, those benefits vary depending on what type and where you rent the stroller from. You can either rent a stroller from Disney Parks, which has a set of rules or rent from a third-party vendor.

Renting a stroller once you arrive at your destination is so much easier than bringing one from home because of the travel hassle. Though an airline will gate check a stroller for free, toting it through the parking lot, airport, terminal, gangway, and baggage claim and then onto your airport transfer can be a huge hassle. Arriving at the airport and picking up there or (even easier) at your Disney World Resort hotel is the simplest of tasks. This option is most helpful for those with a young kid that needs a stroller most of the day.

The other option for families with kids that need a stroller only for a portion of the day is to rent a stroller when they are at the Parks. Disney’s theme park strollers are sanitized between every use and offer simple shade, a foot brake, two cupholders, and seatbelts if needed. You’ll see many families in a Disney Park dipping into the rental locations throughout the day for a double (100lbs weight limit) or single stroller (50lbs weight limit). The ease and convenience of grabbing and returning a stroller when you really need it rather than chasing a stroller through the park and on transportation is a big time saver.

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When renting strollers in the Parks, you can show your receipt each morning of a multi-day rental and garnish a clean stroller for your use. If you rent from a third party in the city, you’ll be responsible for storing it in your room at night, collapsing it on transportation, and arranging for return at a predetermined location.

Locations for stroller rentals at Disney World

Ready to rent a certified Disney Park stroller? You can do this in so many places! All four major theme parks, and the Disney Springs shopping district all offer stroller rentals at the same price. You can find most of these rental locations just inside the entrance touchpoints.

Magic Kingdom‘s stroller rental location can be found in the “tunnel” before you step onto Main Street, U.S.A., while EPCOT’s stroller rental location can be reached to the left of Spaceship Earth before you pass it.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park offers stroller rentals to the right inside the entrance, where you can also pick up maps for the sprawling, wild-life themed Park. Disney’s Hollywood Studios welcomes you to old Hollywood, and you can find both a stroller or scooter at the “gas station” to the right when you enter Hollywood Boulevard.

At Disney Springs, the “Sundries” shop located near the bus loop offers stroller rentals but be prepared to leave a $100 Credit Card deposit while you shop.

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After you have your stroller, be sure to stash your receipt somewhere safe and dry. You’ll need it later if you want to return your stroller and snag another one later that night, or if you rented for a multi-day period, to show each morning when you check out a stroller.

Wheeling around the parks, you’ll find that you often need to park your stroller while your family jumps on an attraction like It’s a Small World in Magic Kingdom. Large stroller parking lots are situated within each park, and it’s a courteous thing to do to visit these lots instead of stashing a stroller anywhere. Cast Members are on hand to help you place your stroller in an empty parking spot, as well as to shuffle the strollers around and make room for incoming Guests. If you don’t see your stroller exactly where you placed it, check the surrounding area – a Disney Cast Member most likely shifted it safely.

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Park maps that are available at the front of each theme park, won’t show you each stroller parking area, though they are hard to miss with the large swaths of families coming in and out. If you don’t know where to park, just ask a Cast Member. Themed “Stroller Parking” signs are often posted in these areas, so enjoy the “land” you’re in and notice the much-overlooked artistry here!

Cost of renting a stroller at Disney World

If you and your kiddos need to rent a stroller from the theme parks, we’ve got the scoop on pricing. Grabbing a stroller during your length of stay or a single afternoon when weak legs strike is a huge benefit of theme park strollers. Simply step up to the Disney stroller rental area in your main theme park (they are typically near the entrance of each theme park) and choose a single or a double stroller.

A stroller cannot be removed from the Parks or Disney Springs, but you can easily show your receipt at the stroller rental counter each day to take out a stroller each day. As Disney states, “Likewise, if you misplace your stroller, replacements are available with a receipt at various locations throughout the Resort, based on availability.”

Disney’s single stroller (recommended for children 50lbs or less) is $15 a day or $13 for a length of stay (2 or more days). The double stroller option (holds 100 lbs or less) is $31 a day or for a multi-day rental, $27 a day.

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Tips for using strollers at Disney World

  • Strollers must be unloaded and folded on Disney transportation like a Disney bus, tram, or boat.
  • Measure your stroller before you go if you are bringing your own. Parks are strict on stroller size!
  • Keep your Disney Parks stroller rental receipt somewhere safe and dry – you’ll need to show it each day of use.
  • Disney Parks Strollers cannot be removed from the Park.
  • A credit card deposit of $100 is required at Disney Springs shopping district when renting a stroller.
  • At Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, strollers must be folded to be brought on the internal railroad trains.
  • Strollers are not permitted in most indoor eating establishments. Please park them outside.
  • Strollers are not allowed in most of the attraction queues.
  • Make your stroller stand out – add a sign, banner, balloon, or light-up token for spotting your stroller at night.
  • Use clip-on fans or misters to help your riders with the heat
  • Stroller Parking areas are clearly marked and typically manned by a Cast Member.
  • Oftentimes, Cast Members will adjust the strollers to make more room. Your rented stroller (or stroller from home) will be in the same lot, but sometimes not in the same parking spot.
  • Never leave valuables in your stroller.
  • Use a light blanket to extend the canopy for shade.
  • Bring a poncho or stroller rain cover for popup showers. Nothing is more dreaded than a wet stroller seat when you come out of an attraction.
  • Stay back from those in front of you when pushing your stroller. Traffic can build up and stop suddenly, and you don’t want to be responsible for hurting someone! Try to be courteous!
  • Disney’s prohibited items fine print regarding strollers reads (These items are prohibited): Strollers that are greater than 31 inches in width and 52 inches in length. Stroller wagons are also prohibited. Wagons are prohibited at any theme park, waterpark, or NBA experience. Wagons are prohibited at indoor venues at ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. Any trailer-like object that is pushed, pulled or towed by an ECV, wheelchair, stroller, or person.

Disney Parks Moms Panel, now known as PlanDisney, gives us a few top tips for spotting your stroller quickly:

Outside Stroller Rentals at Disney World

The only approved rental company (vendor) is currently ScooterBug, which offers seven different stroller options along with ECVs and wheelchairs. Strollers from ScooterBug range in price from $11.25 per day to $85.00 per day, with huge discounts for multi-day rentals. ScooterBug will drop your rental straight to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel at the bell services stand for you to pick up at your leisure. This is the only company that offers this service. All others must be picked up at other locations.

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Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Credit: ScooterBug

Kingdom Strollers and Orlando Stroller Rental, previously preferred Disney World vendors, now drop strollers to MCO Orlando International Airport for you to pick up on your way to the airport transfer service. Offering over four different strollers, pricing at Kingdom Strollers is competitive, and the strollers are always clean and in good working order. This reporter, who was previously a Disney Moms Panelist has always had great service from Kingdom Strollers, would highly recommend them.

If you do rent a third-party stroller in Orlando, be aware that on boats and buses, your stroller must be completely folded and attended at all times. This can be challenging to some families that tote large bags, purchases, or beverages and suddenly find themselves without enough hands/storage in the bus lines. Leaving a stroller in the parks certainly has its benefits when you consider this angle. Your stroller can also be used at your Resort, should you need it.

Disney World Stroller Rental Limits

In 2019, Walt Disney World began to crack down on stroller rental options outside the parks, including those with enormous measurements, heavy decor pieces, or those pulled via a wagon handle. New rules banned oversized strollers and stroller wagons, but many of the third-party stroller companies were still allowed to drop strollers off at Disney Resort Hotels for guests to pick up later on (as long as they were within the approved size limits).

Shortly thereafter, Disney changed the game again, this time requiring the Disney guest to be present when the strollers were dropped off at hotels. Bell Services would no longer hold strollers, wheelchairs, or third-party items. The only exception was for a limited number of “approved” third-party vendors who were partnered with Disney and closed out other vendors. In response, these unofficial vendors starting offering pickups at MCO Orlando International Airport, effectively bridging the pickup gap.

Disney also put restrictions on stroller sizes, which successfully reduced the amount of “designer” strollers allowed into the theme parks. Enormous Millennium Falcon or Cinderella Carriages with nearly hydraulic brake systems no longer fit within the size restrictions, much to the delight of other Guests trying to traverse the crowded park walkways. The new restrictions detailed that strollers must be within 31″ wide and 52″ long. According to Disney, many strollers on the market, including many double jogging strollers, were not going to fit within these guidelines.

Credit: Kingdom Strollers

Bringing Your Own Stroller

Some Disney Guests just don’t enjoy the current Disney Parks strollers. With the hard sides and back, non-reclining seat, and lack of storage space, the real appeal of these Park strollers are to just grab one when you need it. If you have a very small child that cannot walk (and you don’t want to babywear all day) then bringing your own stroller is a more attractive option if you need your same-as-home features.

Most airlines will gate-check a stroller for free, so there is no added cost – just a lot of elbow grease toting your stroller through the airport, folding it on all transportation, and storing it in your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel room.

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Credit: Lindsey P. Disney Parks Moms Panel

Be sure to measure your stroller. Strollers must be no larger than 31″ (79 cm) wide and 52″ (132cm) long, and stroller wagons are no longer allowed at Walt Disney World. That means no Keenz double-handled options, even if you push from one side. For a period of time in 2019 and beyond, Cast Members had taped out boxes on the pavement near the park entrances for Guests to park their stroller in to measure up. If any portion of the stroller didn’t fit, it was not allowed into the parks and was allowed to be parked outside the entrance. Guests needing a stroller were welcome to rent one inside.

Disney Parks ban smoking, changes policies for strollers, loose Ice
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We would still recommend tagging your stroller uniquely. Despite the many makes and models of strollers, you will see at Disney World, there will inevitably be a duplicate. Add a cute stroller tag or balloon to identify your wheels quickly and easily. This example made by Ava Baby Co brings the fandom of your favorite attraction to a reusable tag that can be used at home or on the road, and added daily to your Disney Parks Rental, too. Each one is $20, completely customized, and only a few more dollars shipped. We consider this reusable option a better one than buying a balloon, only because it’s collapsable, packable, thin, and cheaper than buying a Balloon every day (or trying to wrangle one for a week).

stroller spotter tag haunted mansion by Ava baby Co
Credit: Ava Baby Co

Hopefully one day in the future, we can look forward to a new and improved theme park rental stroller like those introduced at Shanghai Disney in 2021. This new, high-tech stroller is designed with eco-friendly materials, a reclining seat (a HUGE perk for stroller users), an enlarged basket underneath for storage, a convenient break built in the handle, cup holder, and a smooth and sleek design that looks a lot like a Disney touchpoint. While only currently available overseas, we hope this design makes its way to Florida very soon. It’s too good to miss out on!

Credit: Disney

Aside from deciding whether to rent a stroller when visiting Disney World, you may also be contemplating the need for a car seat. When visiting Orlando’s theme parks, consider that Florida law only requires a car seat or booster for those under age five. Bubble Bum boosters or miFold car seats are great travel options for toddlers. For those tiny ones that may need a car seat in rental cars (MCO transfers are for lap babies – no car seats needed) try the car rental locations for rented seats that will lighten your travel load. A traditional car seat not on wheels is a large, heavy item that is rarely used on a Disney vacation and is more hassle than it’s worth.

When you’re ready to schedule your family-friendly Walt Disney World Resort vacation, call on the travel professionals at Academy Travel, who offer free vacation planning services. They can steer you towards the vacation schedule that you’re wheeling for! Simply call them at 609-978-0740 and let them know when you want to visit!

Do you rent strollers at the Disney Theme Parks? Leave us a comment with your preferences or top tips!

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