Disney’s ‘Gargoyles’ Makes Its Triumphant Return

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Goliath breaking free from his statue in Gargoyles

Credit: Disney

After far too long of an absence, the classic Disney Afternoon cartoon Gargoyles (1994-1997) is making its return. However, it’s not in a way that anyone expected.

The entire cast of Gargoyles
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Created by Greg Weisman, Gargoyles is one of the greatest animated television series that Disney has ever produced. Originally airing as part of the Disney Afternoon, Gargoyles told the story of Goliath (Keith David) and his band of gargoyles, creatures of the night who turned to stone during the day.

The cast also included Marina Sertis as Demona, Salli Richardson as Elisa Maza, Ed Asner as Hudson, Thom Adcox-Hernandez as Lexington, Jeff Bennett as Brooklyn, Bill Fagerbakke as Broadway, Frank Welker as Bronx, and Jonathan Frakes as David Xanatos.

The series was incredibly popular with critics and audiences alike, earning a rare 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and inspiring numerous spin-offs, including comic books and its own convention: The Gathering of the Gargoyles. However, one of its most critically acclaimed adaptations came in video game form. And that classic SEGA Genesis title is making a comeback.

The ‘Gargoyles’ Video Game is Getting Remastered

Goliath on the cover of the Gargoyles video game
Credit: Disney

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While most people remember the popular animated series aired during the Disney Afternoon, many have forgotten about the fantastic Gargoyles (1995) video game that came out on the SEGA Genesis. It received positive reviews from critics, noting its excellent graphics and music as well as challenging gameplay.

In a surprising announcement from Disney Games on Twitter, the company revealed that they have been working on remastering the classic game with Empty Clip Studios. They wrote, “The spell is broken, and they live AGAIN! Relive the legend of Goliath in Gargoyles Remastered (2023) and play the ’90s classic 16-bit side-scrolling platform adventure featuring enhanced visuals, animations, and SFX inspired by the acclaimed animated series.”

The game has received many facelifts and modern conveniences, including the ability to switch between the new enhanced art style and the original 16-bit graphics and a rewind function to practice particularly difficult moments. The game will become available on October 1, costing $14.99 for a digital copy. It is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

But that’s not even the best part! In collaboration with Limited Run Games, Disney Games is also releasing multiple premium physical editions of Gargoyles Remastered. The Classic Edition includes a steel book and a VHS display case for some pure 90s nostalgia, while the Collector’s Edition also contains a poster, figurine, pin, and many more items. They sell for $69.99 and $174.99, respectively, and are available for pre-order on September 8.

This Could Inspire A Reboot of the Disney Afternoon Classic

Goliath on a building roaring at the moon in Gargoyles
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While this is exciting for nostalgic reasons, it’s even more exciting for the future implications. Despite the immense popularity of the original series, Disney has never greenlit a reboot series. While there have been talks about a live-action movie, with even Jordan Peele giving a pitch, nothing has come from it.

If this game sells well, it could inspire the Walt Disney Company to take another look at the series and give the fans what they have been wanting for over two decades. After all, if they can bring back X-Men: The Animated Series (1992-1997), they can easily revive Gargoyles.

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