Major Changes Starting at EPCOT Theme Park Attraction

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Recent reports show that there the work at a popular Disney World EPCOT location is thrumming along nicely, readying the popular site for traffic. The nature of the changes is a mystery piquing the attention of many.

EPCOT's International Gateway
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Disney World EPCOT Refurbishments

The recent news of the Disney World EPCOT changes comes as the world worries about shutdowns and closures. A piece of good news shows that the Walt Disney Company has an ongoing dedication to its customers and stakeholders. Instead of the Grand Fiesta Tour falling by the wayside or risking cancel-culture, the American Adventure can live on.

Walt Disney World EPCOT changes to Canada pavilion shown in scaffolding
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Multiple International Pavilion Options

Those who planned a trip to the France Pavilion, Caribbean Beach Resort, or Crescent Lake are in luck; these changes appear to only influence the Canada Pavilion. The Walt Disney Company changes also shows how the current trends at Walt Disney World highlight its international interest.

The subject of the day? Canada, and its pavilion in EPCOT. Walt Disney World, especially the World Showcase, is in a constant state of flux. It’s one of the things that attracts people to EPCOT center and this Florida Disney Park.

Epcot international festival of the holidays
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Disney Rides and Attractions in a Continual States of Change

By virtue of a Walt Disney World attraction being popular, it undergoes wear and tear. Time passes, taking its toll. Whether through the Disney Skyliner or Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Caribbean Beach or Disney Springs, there is bound to be a refurbishment in the works (eventually).

It keeps the theme park safe and maintains the opportunity to use the world celebration as a real example of changes in world nature and character. These refurbishments are a necessity from the Beach Club Resort to the Walt Disney World Swan, and in terms of safety and access to Star Wars, that’s a good thing. It still means that the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT center pose both an enigma and an eyesore during the changes.

Walt Disney World EPCOT changes to Canada pavilion shown in scaffolding
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Disney World EPCOT Refurbishing Canada Pavilion

The Walt Disney World EPCOT center features a host of exciting features. Tourists might come from far and wide to see Spaceship Earth or Animal Kingdom, but the Walt Disney World Resort brings World Discovery to guests directly. It provides access to cultural information and insight that highlights its ‘small world values.’

Construction on Walt Disney World Theme Park: Canada Pavilion

The Canada Pavilion at EPCOT is undergoing refurbishment. It impacts the theme park through the visible scaffolding and the mysteries lying behind the Walt Disney World construction walls.

Hotel du Canada is completely covered with scaffolding, an “eyesore” when at the World Showcase Lagoon. As to what Walt Disney World is doing to the World Showcase icon is unconfirmed. It’s not the only example, with Adventureland Treehouse getting much attention as well.

Epcot International Festival of the Arts
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What We Know About the Walt Disney World Changes

It started with a Disney Imagineer (or several). The EPCOT international festival is such a big draw for the EPCOT experience. Accordingly, the Walt Disney Company makes updates. These both accommodate cultural expectations and the needs of the facilities that support these magical attractions.

Whether to the Italy Pavilion, American Adventure, Grand Fiesta Tour, or Norway Pavilion, change is part of Walt Disney World. The exciting part of this is the Great White North icon moving “Into the Unknown” and with these changes.

What do you think the future holds for the EPCOT theme park? Speak your piece on EPCOT rides and attractions in the comments below!

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