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Te Fiti at EPCOT's Journey of Water Inspired by 'Moana'

Credit: Walt Disney Imagineering

EPCOT has been under constant construction for the longest time as the Walt Disney World Resort makes way for new rides, attractions, and more. A maze of colorful walls has covered the developments, but the visuals differ from Disney’s innovative Park of the future. Some Guests have even become disillusioned by the entire experience.

EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: EPCOT

The Park has several new additions, including an upcoming Moana-themed attraction. Still, EPCOT’s snail’s pace progress and identity crisis have seen it fall out of favor with longtime Disney Park Guests, and some have even called it a half-day Park. Despite Disney’s intentions, EPCOT could be losing its luster.

EPCOT is Taking Forever, Say Guests

Aerial photo of World Celebration at EPCOT with Spaceship Earth in the lower left
Credit: Bioreconstruct, Twitter

A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld addressed EPCOT’s current condition and impending transition. Many are becoming quite disenchanted with the Park, especially considering the numerous additions and attractions promised at D23. Fans were quick to share their thoughts on the matter.

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u/geminieyesx writes at the end of their post,

“I personally think the Park needs a lot more attractions, shows, walkthroughs, etc. The World Showcase is starting to feel empty, and there isn’t much going on there. I went recently, and it’s easily a half-day Park, I know people LOVE This Park and it’s great but we can’t shy away from the fact that it’s missing a lot.”

To which u/minpinerd bluntly adds,

“I don’t care about canceling projects, but the amount of time that the front of that Park has been just a rat maze of construction walls is shameful and there is no excuse for it.”

Disney horticulture team trims the 'Encanto' topiaries
Credit: Disney
Keeping with the themes of EPCOT’s identity crisis, u/caramelsyrupp writes,
“I might get downvoted but I think they’re doing too much. EPCOT was always about edutainment. They shoved IP into places it didn’t belong, got rid of the education aspect, and clearly, they have no idea what they want EPCOT to be…”

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The page is loaded with similar perspectives, and it’s safe to say that there is a consensus that EPCOT is losing its sense of self. As much as Disney keeps trying to expand, the process has been drawn out far too long. Construction is a must, and that’s entirely understandable, but it seems like EPCOT’s perpetual developing status is having an emotional and environmental effect on the Guests.
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