11 Binge-Worthy Disney+ Adult Shows That Survived the Purge

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Disney+ kept a host of high-quality TV shows, ideal for a binge. These 11 top the list for adult-focused content.

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Disney+ Binge Material

Everyone with a streaming service subscription has, at some point, yearned for a Disney+ binge. And that’s a good thing. There was a massive culling of Disney+ adult content, but many TV shows survived. They might not show up on a kid’s profile, but with a savvy maneuver in account settings, it opens a world of opportunities.

Through a parental control setting override, it reveals a world of mature content. Much of the content is designed for adults to engage in that perfect Star Wars or Indiana Jones binge. These are the classics alongside Pixar and Marvel Studios, but what about the lesser-known pieces?

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11 Disney+ TV Shows Perfect for a Binge Watch

Bear in mind that this is meant for a Disney Account that adults use. It includes a host of content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other mainstream pieces, but many a movie and TV show is inappropriate content for minors. Don’t worry, though. Every show still includes a warning for viewers.

Disney+ classics are wonderful, but for those seeking out Disney streaming platform treasure, these 11 TV shows are worthy of a binge-watch (or at least a pilot viewing). Introducing mature content that lets Disney+ subscribers make the most of the subscription:

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1. Jessica Jones from Marvel Studios

“They say everyone’s born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you’re the villain.”

The cast of Jessica Jones brings a comic classic to the small screen. It follows a superpowered woman who battles the villain Kilgrave while also working as a private investigator. Jessica Jones Season 1 was strong, but it came into its own come the close of the story.

From Trish Walker to Jeri Hogarth, Jessica Jones is always in a whirlwind of trouble. Raw? Gritty? Tragic? Check. Empowering, reassuring, and engaging? Also, check.

Family Guy
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2. Family Guy from 20th Century Animation

“Whatever kills me makes me stronger.”

Not every binge-watch needs to be a deep and emotional experience. Family Guy has been on air since 1999 as a subversive sitcom that follows the dysfunctional Griffin family.

The short episodes make the dark comedy easy on the palate. Plus, if you ever wanted to see how the times have changed since before the turn of the millennia, Family Guy is worth a look.

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3. Cosmos from National Geographic

“Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious.” 

Leaning more into the National Geographic side of the Walt Disney properties, Cosmos is a show with a basis on a Carl Sagan novel of the same title.

It’s a trek through the past and into the future. The goal is to use adult content to get people thinking, questioning, and learning.

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4. Luke Cage from Marvel Studios

“So what else ya got, Sherlock?”

If you were a fan of Jessica Jones, then the New York City story of Luke Cage is a great way to go. It stars some big names like Rosario Dawson and Mike Colter. With bulletproof skin and a penchant for rescuing, the action balanced with good morals makes this Marvel Studios show worth its salt.

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5. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles from Lucasfilm


This unique take is ideal for any snake-hating, archeologist-loving fan of sarcasm and action. It is a set of around 20 feature-length episodes that shows the origin story of the Indiana Jones of the movies. For history buffs and fans of period pieces, this pick is worth a binge.

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6. Moon Knight from Marvel Studios

“The darkness. Sometimes it hides in our hearts.” 

For a dash of fantasy and a touch of drama, Steven Grant’s story of dissociative identity disorder and sharing a body with Marc Spector. The fight navigates a deadly mystery related to the gods of Egypt. For fans of psychological drama and a bit of flair, this Marvel Studios piece is a great option.

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7. The Mandalorian from Lucasfilm

“I like those odds.”

Hands up if you love Star Wars, because if you do, you likely know this saga about a lone gunner in the galaxy’s outer reaches, away from the New Republic. It’s available to Disney subscribers and is a great blend of action, sci-fi, and drama.

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8. Scandal from Disney ABC

“A lie has no legs, but a scandal has wings.”

When a former White House director opens a private firm, she quickly realizes that secrets lie all around. If you like to get caught up in drama and appreciate high-quality acting, this saga is a great way to go.

It’s especially good if you want a binge-watch that has a clear start and stop. The Shonda Rhimes series ended in 2018, so some references might be a bit dated (but secrets never really lose their tantalizing essence).

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9. Futurama from The Curiosity Company and 20th Century Fox

“When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

Futurama first came out in 1999 as a cutting-edge show making fun of the turn of the millennium. The show was rebooted, canceled, turned into a movie series, and revived again.

It’s actually a funny parallel to the story that runs as an episodic sitcom satirizing pop-culture topics. Instead of jumping into the reboot, it’s worth binging from the beginning.

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10. You’re the Worst from FXX

“I’m already regretting not slapping you harder.”

This story follows Gretchen, the publicist with severe clinical depression, and Jimmy, the writer with a funky personality, as they navigate life in Los Angeles.

It’s dark and definitely inappropriate content for kids, but the show can make you laugh and cry, an unmistakable mark of a winner). Love can be dark, and this twisted romance shows that it’s okay not just to accept that but to embrace it.

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11. Last Man on Earth from 20th Century Fox

“That was not my idea. Nice try, freaking worm.”

If you’re feeling like some dark humor centered in the United States, this is a good way to go. It kicks off in 2020, “one year after the virus.” Ironically, this show was released way before the actual pandemic. It follows Tandy, Carol, Erica, Gail, and Todd as the last people on Earth slowly come together.

It’s dark but heartwarming, odd but on the nose, and a way to honor what we all went through with isolation during the pandemic. It’s a quick-watch sitcom that will have you singing the “Frozen Pizza” song in no time.

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Questions About Disney+ Content and Controls

Understanding how your streaming service works in terms of content and access is essential. To determine your ideal Disney+ binge, planning helps. That means having data (and Milk Duds) ready before you sink into the couch for a quality mega-watch.

Do Disney+ Shows Differ By Country?

Yes, there are movie and TV content restrictions in different countries. For example, Canada has regulations about showing a certain amount of domestic material.

Places like the United Kingdom and the United States get access to different content, with the latest news showing that there are many Walt Disney subscribers who can’t access the full perks of the service.

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Do Streaming Service Algorithms Require User Input

Whether it’s on a child account or a parent one, the algorithm that determines targeted advertising requires information to hit that goal. Disney+ parental controls are there to allow users to edit profiles and curate one to child-focused content and the other towards adult material.

Are There Disney+ Free Trials?

New users can no longer get a Disney+ free trial, lending access to the Disney+ bundle. It was only a seven-day trial anyway, less than many competitors offering a full month. The system is designed to recognize your Disney+ login and keep your preferences if you close and then reopen the account.

How Much Is Disney+?

Since the ad tiers came into the spotlight, many have been asking, “How much is Disney+?” The Disney+ price is different based on the location of the Disney+ account.

It works out to around $8 per month with ads or $11 per month without. This is the Disney+ pricing in the United States. There are options to pay annual payments that shave around $20 yearly off the price.

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Streaming Service Users Have the Power

Engaging with content shows that there is interest. Using that information, the streaming service takes the content input and connects it with other similar material. There are ways to curate your selection, but generally, the more you watch something, the more it’s prompted.

That’s why this set of 11 hidden Disney+ gems is so wonderful. Just type one prompt in, and Disney+ lets users flip the script, regaining control of the content they watch.

What will be your next Disney+ binge-watch? Share your favorite in the comments below!

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