Disney Wins Big Thanks to DeSantis

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pointing concerned

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In a strange twist of events, as Florida falls, Disneyland wins thanks to Governor DeSantis, causing fans and families to move to leave the Sunshine State in droves.

Disneyland wins thanks to DeSantis as families move
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Why Disney Fans Are Leaving Florida

There’s little mystery about the debacle surrounding the “woke” war with Disney, the “Don’t Say Gay” action, and the general feeling of malaise when it comes to Floridian policy. Disney put its foot down, but that’s not enough to stop DeSantis from causing families to feel like “medical refugees”.

Disneyland Wins Thanks to DeSantis “Blueprint”

These changes come as the Republican, aiming for the presidency in 2024, shows support for a range of bills, calling it his “Florida Blueprint.” What it doesn’t factor in is the feelings of those constituents most impacted by these changes. The good news? Disneyland wins as fans of equality and inclusion decide to make a significant change: to relocate.

Disneyland wins thanks to DeSantis Credit Disney
Credit: Disney

Disneyland Wins Thanks to DeSantis

According to one fan who originally moved to Florida, “We ended up moving back to California because of DeSantis and his minions running the state.” There was a rash of panic at the idea of DeSantis calling in CPS for gender non-conforming individuals.

And where are these diverse individuals moving? Mostly to California. The Golden State has an ocean, palm trees, and, most of all, Disneyland. Winning thanks to DeSantis’ less-than-friendly politics, as Disney closes locations, this promises an uptick in visitors to the Disneyland California and Universal Studios resorts.

Disneyland wins thanks to DeSantis Credit Disney
Credit: Disney

Disneyland Wins New Audiences

Nestled just a quick ride away from California’s major cities, Disneyland has a host of attractions. Even better? It doesn’t look like Governor Newsom has plans to tear them down. So, while everyone was looking to the right, the left side of the map was gearing up for a truly impressive year.

Fans switch out Animal Kingdom for the Incredicoaster and get to go Soarin’ Around the World (from a safe and inclusive place). From the Avengers Campus to Pixar Pier, Anaheim Disneyland has long been a place to make magical memories. As fans plan to take their business to California, Disneyland ultimately wins, and it’s all thanks to DeSantis.

What do you think about swapping the Sunshine State out for the west coast? Hit us up in the comments below!

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