Disney Drowned by the Competition as New Coaster Opens in California

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An all-new, record-breaking coaster just opened its doors in California, convincing fans that The Golden State doesn’t need Disney’s TRON-inspired roller coaster.

It’s no secret that theme parks across America are constantly competing to see which company can provide the most memorable experiences and the most thrilling rides for their Guests. And while Disney is embroiled in a legal battle against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, its competition is gaining the lead in California with an all-new coaster opening its doors.

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While SeaWorld San Diego tried to keep its new roller coaster under wraps for months before announcing it to the public, the official reveal and quick progress on the ambitious project thrilled fans, eager to experience the West Coast’s latest record breaker, which finally opened its doors for thrill seekers in The Golden State.

Arctic Rescue is SeaWorld San Diego’s sixth roller coaster and is the fastest and longest straddle-style coaster on the West Coast, taking Guests on a high-speed adventure riding a snowmobile through a 2,800-foot-long track, reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

SeaWorld (@SeaWorld) shared a video on Twitter announcing the official opening of Arctic Rescue, which included Guests’ first reactions to the coaster and POV videos of the ride.

As stated by SeaWorld, Arctic Rescue was inspired by the longstanding animal rescue work the Park is engaged in. The storyline of the coaster itself is that riders are racing through the unpredictable Arctic climate to save the animals that inhabit that area. SeaWorld wants visitors to understand that with the continued climate change, the Arctic sea ice that many animals rely on for survival is melting, threatening the survival of many species.

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Since Arctic Rescue simulates riding a snowmobile, it is inevitable to compare the new coaster to Walt Disney World Resort’s TRON Lightcycle / Runwhich recently opened in Magic Kingdom — as both high-speed coasters use similar vehicles.

But while Disneyland Resort officials keep pushing forward to set a multi-decade expansion project in motion at the Anaheim theme park, it would appear that California won’t be needing a version of Disney’s TRON coaster for a while, as SeaWorld San Diego has taken the lead in providing thrills in Southern California.

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SeaWorld San Diego also announced the development of an all-new immersive area at the Southern California theme park, further expanding its storytelling. And while SeaWorld is dealing with its own legal problems against the city of San Diego, it seems that the company is ready to go full steam into the competition, developing new experiences across its national theme parks and even crossing borders. 

Will you visit SeaWorld San Diego soon to ride Arctic Rescue? Do you think this new coaster can compete with Disney’s TRON-inspired ride? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments below!

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