Star Wars Day Brings Wonderful Memories, Immense Wait Times, Overcrowded Parks

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Star Wars Day Brings Wonderful Memories, Immense Wait Times, Overcrowded Parks

Star Wars Day memories will either make you happy or sad depending on what you went through yesterday if you visited any of the Disney Parks around the globe.

Star Wars came and went like a small freighter ship making a quick getaway to Lightspeed. Although many beautiful memories were made by fans all over, sadly to say, the theme Parks were overcrowded with big wait times.

Some other things happened as well, but mainly, Star Wars Day was a success for Disney Parks around the globe (well, at least for those who celebrated the special occasion).

If you are too busy or can’t check out the latest news regarding your favorite Disney Parks on Star Wars Day, I have you covered.

Over 5,000 Star Wars Fans Respond to Viral Tweet About Which Films Reign Supreme - star wars day memories
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Star Wars Day at Disney

Star Wars Day was celebrated as most Disney Parks, if not all around the world, yesterday, bringing tons of new food items for folks to enjoy and unique experiences to the Parks.

Fans also met their favorite franchise characters from the films and took some fantastic photos with them.

People also got to debate which Star Wars film they thought was best out of each trilogy, leading to a massive response on Twitter.

The iconic and legendary Carrie Fisher received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Disney also released some terrific deals for Guests to win free weekend trips to its hot and popular Galatic Starcruiser Resort experience.

But what put the icing n the cake was how overcrowded the Parks were and how insane some of these wait times were, according to numerous reports online.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Attraction at Disney - star wars day memories
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I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This – Immense Wait Times, Overcrowded Disney Parks

Before we continue, everyone should know that if you’re coming to Disney World or any of the Disneyland Parks, you will be experiencing insane wait times for popular rides like Rise of the Resistance.

With that out of the way, check out some of the wait times reported yesterday throughout some of the Disney Parks, like Disneyland Paris, where times were as long as three hours.

Other places like Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World in Hollywood Studios saw massive crowds gathered for photo ops with characters like The Mandalorian and Din Grogu.

Those poor souls looking to casually Park hop to Hollywood Studios in WDW were also met with some harsh realities: immense crowds of Guests attempting to enter the Park.

Our Californian friends also didn’t get the memo on Star Wars Day’s popularity because wait times for attractions were as long as two hours, if not more. Disneyland Resort experiences high wait times for all its Star Wars attractions.

Despite Immense Wait Times and Overcrowded Parks, Star Wars Prevailed With Beautiful New Memories

Although the Parks were constantly jam-packed with people yesterday and the wait times were out of this galaxy, Star Wars fans still enjoyed the day by making new and beautiful memories.

Check out this fan who asked two of the most potent Siths in existence if they could “force choke” her.

Not everyone whos a Star Wars fan visited the Parks, though. Most of us stayed home in our pjs and watched our favorite Star Wars movies while eating food and snacks and cuddling on the couch or bed.

Speaking of food, check out this sinister yet delicious-looking Disney Star Wars snack!

What’s Star Wars Day without meeting everyone’s favorite astromech droid, R2-D2?

Final Words on Star Wars Day

Despite these posts saying anything wrong about Disney Parks and Star Wars fans, Star Wars Day was a huge success.

Disney and Star Wars are meant to bring joy, comfort, and happiness, despite how you might feel about the sequel trilogy (we get it, you hate The Last Jedi, and Rian Johnson killed Star Wars).

But joking aside, I hope everyone got the chance to enjoy this celebration in one way or another.

May the Force be With You, Always.

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