Proposed Florida Law Could Allow CPS to Take Trans Kids From Their Parents While Visiting Disney World

in Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World

Protestors stand at the gate of Walt Disney World with signs that read "Protect Trans Youth."

Credit: Save LGBT

Governor Ron DeSantis immersed the state of Florida in a battle against Walt Disney World Resort after former Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek condemned The Parental Rights in Education Act, commonly known as the “Don’t Say Gay” law. The act prohibits the mention of sexual orientation in Florida classrooms. It has led to widespread book bans and concerns about the accuracy of history lessons in Florida classrooms.

After initially remaining silent, Disney caved to fan and Cast Member protests about the law. Later, The Walt Disney Company’s donations to politicians who supported “Don’t Say Gay” came to light, and, despite DeSantis’s warning, Chapek spoke out against the law. In response, the Republican Governor introduced legislation to dissolve Walt Disney World’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, a special privilege the Central Florida Resort has held since 1967. Weeks ago, a DeSantis-appointed committee took over the district.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis giving a speech
Credit: ABC News

Now, another proposed bill could impact Walt Disney World Resort Guests. Republican State Senator Clay Yarborough introduced SB 254: Treatments for Sex Reassignment. If passed, the law would grant Florida temporary emergency jurisdiction over transgender youth undergoing or “at risk of” receiving gender affirming care. The bill applies to all transgender or gender non-conforming children present in Florida, even those visiting family, passing through, or on vacation. Health reporter Benjamin Ryan wrote:

Note that this Florida bill promising to seize kids from their parents for receiving or “at risk of receiving”treatment for gender dysphoria would apply to anyone “present” in the state, not just residents. So kids could be snatched at a trip Disney World.

The bill is part of a nationwide pushback against transgender acceptance, particularly toward children questioning their gender identity. Conservative protests have targeted family-friend drag shows, public library story times, and health clinics that serve transgender patients. Strict laws have popped up around the country, including one in Tennesee that bans all cross-dressing. Conservative pundit Michael Knowles recently called for the “eradication” of “transgenderism,” leading to expert concern about hateful violence towards transgender and gender non-conforming people in the United States.

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