Disney Addresses Line Cutting Issue at Theme Parks

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Credit: Inside the Magic

Disney is starting to crack down on some unfortunate and unruly Guest behavior, implementing new warnings in the Parks.

A man and a woman in a Disneyland ride vehicle - Space Mountain.
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When Guests visit any of the Disney Parks and Resorts, they may encounter a few problems. First is th price.

Over the last few decades, a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland has increased exponentially, resulting in a lot of “normal” families being left out. From higher ticket prices to extra fees around the Parks, Disney has never been more expensive than it is right now.

Another obstacle Guests may face is the weather. This is a problem more present at Walt Disney World than at Disneyland, with Orlando’s humidity and heat being unbearable sometimes.

However, one of the most annoying problems at Disney is one that’s present at all theme parks.

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Line cutting is an age-old issue that has affected theme parks across the world. From Universal Studios and Six Flags to SeaWorld and, of course, Disneyland, Guests will never truly be able to escape this unfortunate behavior.

We’ve covered line cutting at the Disney Parks extensively here at Inside the Magic, with Disney implementing several strategies to ensure this happens as little as possible.

However, this issue will never truly be solved, unfortunately. It’s just impossible to monitor Guests’ behavior 24/7, something that rang true at a recent incident at Walt Disney World.

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Credit: Inside the Magic

This is not to say that Disney does not warn against line cutting, with Guests being warned against doing so throughout the Parks.

One Guest recently shared a photo of a new sign they found at Disneyland, one that warns Guests not to cut in line. You can see this new sign down below:

Saw this at Disney World and wanted to see if anyone spotted one in Disneyland too. They finally put their foot down!
by u/Few_Republic1136 in Disneyland

This new sign reads:

“All members of your party mst be presnet when enterting the queue. Please see a Cast Member for asistance should you need to exit the queue for any reason.”

These signs could already be seen at Walt Disney World, but Disney is now implementing them on the West Coast as well. Disney has taken note of how often Guests meet up with the rest of their party mid-queue, adding this new sign to crack down on line cutting.

Hopefully, this will at least help with these problems, but we all know line-cutting is here to stay in some form or another.

Do you think line-cutting is an issue at the Disney Parks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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