A Disney Bus Driver Was Caught on Video Giving Guests a Truly Magical Moment

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A Disney Bus Driver Was Caught on Video Giving Guests a Truly Magical Moment

Credit: Inside The Magic

It’s not always you get to ride a Disney bus to a Park or Resort or Disney Springs and hear one of the drivers sing a beloved Disney tune while everyone on the bus is happy. This bus driver decided to take things to a whole new level as he was caught singing. Genuinely adorable and beautiful.

Disney Bus Driver Brought Tears of Joy to Guests
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

Disney’s Bus Driver Brought the Magic for These Guests

TikTok is where you see everything from dancing teens to people eating close to a microphone (where are my ASMR folks?). Another thing you’ll find is a never-ending stream of Disney TikToks. One Guest who visited Disney World recently captured a heartfelt moment when a Disney bus driver decided to sing out loud on his bus as he transported Guests.


Rhyan needs a raise and/or maybe a performance role 👏 Please tag @Disney so they can see! #Disney #Talented #BusDriver #DisneyExperience #DisneyWorld #Singing #AWholeNewWorld #Aladdin #Magic #PopCentury

♬ original sound – Cristelle❣️

The video captured a wonderful and beautiful moment as the Disney bus driver, Rhyan, burst out in sing-song to the tune of “A Whole New World” from the hit Disney animated movie Aladdin (1992). The video explains that after a long day of Parks and Resorts, the Guests were treated to this lovely moment as they returned home.

Guests on the bus were quiet as they enjoyed the song beautifully sung by Rhyan. Some Guests were even brought to tears by his performance. Everyone was thrilled, and the children were given a dose of that classic Disney magic. By the time the song ended, everyone on board the bus had clapped in solidarity at how magical this moment was.

A Disney Bus Driver Was Caught Bringing a Bit of Magic to Guests
Credit: Disney

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Disney’s transportation system isn’t always this magical, unfortunately. Just a few weeks back, it was reported through Inside The Magic that the bus system was faulty and all over the place as Guests were left stranded due to horrible scheduling.

But Rhyan, our hero, seemed to have brought that magic and hope back through this beautiful video recorded on social media. It was excellent for the individual who recorded the video to give a shoutout to the bus driver, Rhyan, by politely asking him if it was okay to post this on the social media platform.

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